LivingFuel HealthAlert: Omega-3 Must Know Info, Part 2

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Posted on 22nd July 2010 by admin in Health Alerts

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The health benefits of optimal omega-3 levels are astounding and just about everyone you know is deficient.

We’ve been teaching about omega-3 for many years as a cornerstone of The Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition. It’s a nutrient that you and your family simply must have! Recently, you’ve heard much about this essential fatty acid in the news, in your favorite magazine, from your doctor, trainer or perhaps your friends. You’ve determined that your family should add an omega-3 supplement to your daily regimen, so which omega-3 product on the market is the very best? And if you already have a favorite brand, what other nutrients must you take to protect yourself?

In this week’s video HealthAlert, we revisit our useful guide to evaluating and choosing your family’s fish oil, including a look at the philosophy and science behind Living Fuel’s popular SuperEssentials Omega.

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Here’s to your Super Health!

KC and Monica Craichy
Founder & CEO
Living Fuel, Inc.