KC Craichy SuperHealth Podcasts: What Are Superfoods?

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Posted on 25th July 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Mike Adams interviews KC Craichy, Founder & CEO of Living Fuel, Inc., and his wife Monica, about Superfood Nutrition. What are Superfoods and why are they important to your health?

Audio Transcription

Mike: Welcome everyone to Natural News. I’m you host, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Today we’re talking about super food nutrition. What are super foods and why they are important for your health? Here to help us answer that question today is my guest, the founder of Living Fuel, KC Craichy and his wife Monica. Thanks for joining us today.

KC: Thanks for having us, Mike. We’re excited to be here.

Monica: Thanks for having us.

Mike: Now, in your definition, KC, what really are super foods and why are they important?

KC: Well, super foods are the ones that bring more to the party than, say, a dead white food. So in other words, has a lot of nutrients but not a lot of calories, so nutrient density not caloric density. So, interestingly in my nutrition research, I discovered that science has now proven that there are 50 plus essential nutrients that you must have in order to thrive. In fact, if you’re deficient in any one of those, there’s a physiological consequence associated with that. If you have none at all, death is the result. Yet, people don’t try to focus to get these 50. Now, they’ve got these 50 plus, then you’ve got cofactors and then conditionally essential nutrients and so on. So, we discovered the best way to pull this off was to mix nutrient dense powerhouses like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries, or like barley grass, spinach, kale, spirulina. Mix those with the best forms of the best nutrients to accomplish all 50, and that way not only do you get all those nutrients, you get the ones we don’t even know about.

Mike: That becomes your product, Living Fuel, which is a nutritional powerhouse. But my question to you is, what about those people out there who say why can’t I just eat food? Doesn’t food give me everything I need? I mean, they’ve heard that from mainstream medicine for years, too.

KC: Well, Mike, I think you should answer that question because I’m sure that you’ve written about it and you’ve spoken about it. Why can people not get their nutrition from food? I mean, this is the classic dietician argument. Why is that not possible?

Mike: Yeah. Well, as you know, not only are the soils depleted of minerals, but the food is refined, processed, cooked, pasteurized, homogenized. It’s dead by the time it gets to your plate, and that’s not going to keep you alive eating dead foods. Now Monica, you have switched to Living Fuel. You used to be on a more conventional diet yourself?

Monica: Oh, yeah. Mike: What was your experience going from regular foods to super foods?

Monica: Well, I think it was rather drastic. The first step that we ever took was with our son, Kyle, when he was a little less than a year old. He had chronic ear infections, and so we took him to conventional doctors. They put him on antibiotics, that whole scene. We weren’t satisfied with that, and so we went to a… What was he?

KC: A nutritional medicine doctor.

Monica: Nutritional, yeah, and he specialized in pediatrics. So, he asked me, “So, what do you feed your kid?” I said, “Well, for lunch we have a peanut butter jelly sandwich. He has some fruit, some apple juice.

Mike: Oh, my.

KC: He was two and half actually.

Monica: Maybe some jello, and maybe a cheese stick.” The guy looked at me and he’s like, “Well, of course he’s got these chronic ear infections.” I was like, “I thought I was giving him good fruits and wheat.”

KC: You didn’t know.

Monica: I had no clue. So, that was really the first few steps that we started to take. He gave me a totally new menu for Kyle. It was really difficult to change over, but slowly and surely we made the pass.

KC: Yeah, back that up a touch and we had just been scheduled for emergency ear surgery. She came back home and said the doctors scheduled him for emergency ear surgery. So, then we went to this doctor and within seven days, he didn’t have an emergency anymore.

Monica: Right.

KC: Doctors of course said it resolved itself.

Mike: There are so many cases that I’ve seen in which people are scheduled for surgery, whether it’s heart surgery, mitral valve prolapse surgery, coronary bypass surgery, or what you just mentioned, emergency ear surgery, that the need for that surgery disappears once you change your diet. When you get on super foods and you eliminate the toxic food from your diet, everything changes. What do you feed your children today and how is their health right now?

Monica: Now we have five children, and their first staple, of course, is Living Fuel products just because we know that that is everything their bodies need not just to survive but to thrive. So, that would be the main thing, and then we eat chicken, vegetables, salads.

Mike: Organics stuff?

Monica: We do. We do mostly organic food when we can.

Mike: You’re supplementing with this real high nutrient density super food.

KC: Exactly.

Mike: That’s the key.

KC: Cover your foundation, and then you can eat what you want to eat.

Monica: You ask about their health now, we really don’t have any health issues. We have a two-year-old baby. He’s never seen a doctor.

Mike: So, he’s never been vaccinated?

Monica: No.

Mike: He’s never been on antibiotics?

Monica: No.

KC: He’s never met a doctor except for, people we know.

Monica: Our six-year-old, too, now that I think about it.

KC: Yeah, that’s right.

Monica: Yeah. It’s amazing what the body will do if you just let it… Give it what it needs and it’ll function the way it needs to.

Mike: That’s the key concept of super foods, folks, giving your body what it needs in a way that is bio-compatible. Now, we’re going to wrap up this show, any final thoughts on super foods, KC?

KC: Well, you said it really interestingly. See, many people if they could just go on super food nutrition to cover their foundation they’ll get everything that they need. They’ll find they won’t crave as much bad stuff, and then they can go do what they need to do. They still will have a dramatic impact in the change of their life.

Mike: That’s right. Well, there you have it folks. Super foods can greatly enhance the quality of your life. Be sure to check out livingfuel.com to learn more about these super food products formulated by KC Craichy, the author of the best-selling book “Super Health: Seven Golden Keys”. You can find that book anywhere. Thanks for watching Natural News. Stay empowered, say informed, and we’ll talk to you again soon.

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