KC Craichy SuperHealth Podcasts: SuperFood for Girls

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Posted on 9th August 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Monica Craichy and her daughters, Sarah and Grace, show how they use SuperFood for SuperHealth!

Audio Transcription:

Monica: Hi, my name’s Monica Craichy, and I’m the wife of KC Craichy who is the Founder and CEO of Living Fuel. I have my two beautiful daughters with me today in the kitchen, and we’re going to show you their special recipes on their Living Fuel super smoothiesthat are so delicious and so fresh and have only natural ingredients. There are no hormones or any junk like that in it. I wanted each girl to show you what they love to do each day. So Gracie, let’s start with you. Are you ready to make a shake? All right, let’s do it. What do you like to put in first?

Gracie: The chocolate milk.

Monica: This is organic chocolate almond milk. Gracie likes to add a little bit of that into her blender. And then, what’s the second thing you like to add?

Gracie: A little bit of almond white milk.

Monica: OK. This is her vanilla almond milk that’s organic, also. And what’s your next thing that you like to add?

Gracie: I like to add the ice.

Monica: A little bit of ice. Why don’t you just pour that in there? That should do it. Good. That’s wonderful. What’s your next thing you like to add?

Gracie: A little water.

Monica: A little bit of water, OK. Tell me when to stop. That’s good. And what’s your last thing?

Gracie: This.

Monica: What is that?

Gracie: It’s SuperBerry.

Monica: SuperBerry Living Fuel. That’s blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cranberries all blended into this wonderful powder. Let’s put the lid on and push it down real tight so we don’t have an avalanche, an explosion. OK, ready? Awesome. Sounds like it’s ready. Now, what do we do? Let’s pour this delicious thing into the glass. All right.

Gracie: Uh-oh.

Monica: That’s OK. It’s a little wiggly. Beautiful. And do you want to add your strawberry?

Gracie: Mm-hmm.

Monica: She likes to add a little garnish. Now, taste it. See if that’s the way you like it. I think she likes it. Gracie, do you like it?

Gracie: Mm-hmm.

Monica: OK. You keep drinking and let’s go to Sarah. Sarah, now your recipe’s a little bit different from Gracie’s, so let’s see. What’s the first thing that you like to add?

Sarah: I like to add a little bit of raspberries.

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Sarah: And then, some strawberries.

Monica: A-ha. Sarah: And then, a little bit of orange juice.

Monica: OK. Nice. Sarah: And some water.

Monica: OK. Nice. Sarah: And then, some Fuel.

Monica: Do you want me to get the Fuel?

Sarah: Yes.

Monica: All right. And this is adding, like Gracie, the blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries, all those wonderful proteins added to it. All right. Hold that lid on. Oh, that looks yummy. That looks like a good smoothie. And see, it’s so easy, even a kid can do it. How’s that taste?

Sarah: Really good.

Monica: Awesome. Well, thanks for letting us share today our special recipes with you. This is literally their breakfast every morning, and you can make slight variations on it to change it up a little bit, too. But I know that, especially for children, this is so wonderfully nutritious. It’s so much better than a bowl of oatmeal or just a bowl of cereal, so we encourage you to check it out, www.livingfuel.com. We’ve got lots of recipes, and we thank you for joining us today.

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