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Posted on 26th December 2011 by admin in Holiday Health Challenge

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Most people are skeptical of using antioxidants to battle the major degenerative diseases of aging, largely because they don’t understand how free radicals themselves can actually cause disease. In the case of cancer, for instance, free radicals attack the genetic machinery inside the DNA molecule, by stealing away electrons from within the DNA. This, in turn, leads to a chain reaction “domino effect,” by forcing each newly created free radical to steal yet another electron from among its neighbors. If this terribly destructive process isn’t quenched immediately, it goes on to cause catastrophic alterations within the various “base codes” of the DNA molecule.

It is this type of damage to the information content of each DNA molecule that causes the cell to begin to grow wildly, without any control. As 95 percent of all cancers are thought to be caused by the free radicals that are contained in our diet and the environment, it makes sense to consume a protective mixture of broad-spectrum antioxidants, so that self-propagating free-radical reactions can be quenched before they have a chance to alter our DNA and create disease.

KC Craichy
The Super Health Diet

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