KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: Holiday Health Challenge Update

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Posted on 16th December 2011 by admin in Holiday Health Challenge |SuperHealth Podcasts

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We’ve all pushed away from the Thanksgiving table and it’s onward toward Christmas! This month, our calendars fill with holiday dinners, lunches, and parties and central to these events is food—breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, hot chocolate, egg nog, candy canes, and other seasonal “goodies”. How can you and your family healthfully thrive through December and not just survive with your good health intact?

For the hundreds joining us on this year for The Living Fuel Holiday Health Challenge, we’ve kept you updated with practical tips, clever tricks, and useful strategies to help you attain better health on January 2nd than before the holidays.

Today on our SuperHealth Podcast, we recap many of these useful items that we’ve shared so far through email, Facebook, Twitter, and through our blog and forum.

Audio Transcript

KC: Welcome to the Living Fuel TV. I am KC Craichy. This is my wife, Monica. So, you made it through Thanksgiving, and hopefully, with all the tips we’ve been sending you, you’ve made it through with flying colors. Now, if you’re like us, you had your share of pumpkin pie. But, if you did the right things around that, you made it through fine.

Monica: Now, we’ve got several hundred people now on the Holiday Health Challenge and we’ve sent about fifty or more of the tweets and posts to you on a daily basis, to try to help you along in this holiday season.

KC: Can you give them some examples?

Monica: Yes, I’d love to. Some of them are, like, minimize fruit juices, except when mixed with high protein and fiber. Minimize or eliminate breads, pastries and desserts from your meals. Do not snack, or drink caloric beverages in between meals. Eat only three mails per day, and try to do this within, spread them out between five to six hours, between. Drink lightly caffeinated or caffeine free original herbal teas and super coffee. Decide what you are willing to eat and what you are not willing to eat, at your next meal before you get hungry, and here’s another, here’s the last one. Be physically active everyday, and continue with your exercise program through the holidays. Exercise will help burn fat, and handle the added stress that the holidays can bring into your life.

KC: So, so we are not saying, obviously, these tips are not saying, “Don’t enjoy the times”, like the parties that are about to come up, the Christmas parties and those kind of things. It’s really doing very well outside of those situations that’s going to keep you healthy through this time. So, the last thing she talked about, about moving and being healthy. Now, all of us know the value of exercise. If it were a pill, everyone would take it. So, in the books that you’ve been reading now that we sent you, it talks about exercise and the types of exercise that are good for optimizing weight, particularly high intensity interval training, where you will run up the stairs and walk down and get your breath back and do it again, and so, it’s not about being out of breath a long time. It’s being out of breath a lot of times. So, it’s really very powerful. It’s a powerful technique, and you can do it in a lot of different ways, you can do it swimming or biking or walking. You know, when we go to hotels, a lot of times we’ll run up. I think my daughter’s favorite thing, she runs up eight floors, and then she walks down, and then she runs up seven, and six and five, four, three, two, one, and she does it with full exertion, and that’s her exercise, and it takes maybe ten minutes to do. So, it takes a lot of discipline. But, I want to give you a little tip today on how to use the journal that we’ve given you. So, the blue book, if you open it up, you see everyday it talks about which one of the tiger moves have you done. Are you doing all of the tiger moves, seven tiger moves everyday? Now, the tiger moves, if you haven’t read that part of that yet, you will want to read that part. That’s about using your own body, body weight and body resistance, like, if you were to take this arm like this, and squeeze as hard as you can, and while you’re squeezing it, you bend your arm, you’ll feel, and it’s twice as hard going the other way, you’ll feel a complete workout on your entire arm. It’s a tremendous workout. Well, there’s a system created by John Peterson called “The Seven Tiger Moves”, and you could use that system to where you can work your entire body out, get a tremendous workout at any level, without the gym.

Monica: It’s actually based on the tiger. Somebody was studying the tiger, and you never see fat tigers. That they are always strong and cut to ribbons, and they watched how tigers stretched and how they would arch their bodies, or whatever and that’s really what this whole system is based on.

KC: It’s a powerful concept. You will read about it in the books but also, go to Living Fuel TV. In fact, we are going to resend you the series we did with John Peterson on the Seven Tiger Moves. We’re going to send those out to you, to those of you that are in our group. We’ll do it through Facebook and forum and blog and so on.

Monica: Very inspirational.

KC: Inspiration…

Monica: John Peterson is a beast.

KC: Enjoy that, John. But, anyway. So, we’re going to send this to you, and it’s going to give you the specifics on how to do it, if you have questions after reading that, and so, the tip I am giving you today though is, open the journal. Now, there are seven tiger moves, and usually you would do all seven, you could do them daily or you could do them every other day and that sort of thing. But, the tip I am going to give you today is really fantastic. It will teach you to do it better and it is so easy. The tip is, day one, the tiger move number one and do that tiger move multiple times throughout the day. So, just do it until failure and just continue to do it throughout the morning, noon and night or when you are thinking about at the office and so on. Don’t do any other tiger moves that day. Day two in your journal, go to tiger move number two and day three that tiger move number four, and do all seven with seven days of rest between each tiger move. It is fantastic, it is extremely simple, and you will not believe the results you are going to get.

Monica: And it’s free.

KC: And it’s free.

Monica: You don’t have to go to the gym.

KC: So, some of you have been with us now, for, oh, I guess, since the middle of November, so two, three weeks, and some of you are just getting started. So, your end date is a little different. So, some of you are going to have an end date of the second, but you are going to continue the lifestyle after that, and some it’s going to be later in January. We are going to stay with you through this, and we are going to continue to get you more tips. I hope you enjoyed it. God bless you, and have a great day.

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