The LivingFuel Fast

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Posted on 12th January 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC and Monica Craichy explain how you won’t go hungry on the LivingFuel Fast and the great health benefits it will give your body.

Audio Transcription:

KC: Welcome to Living Fuel TV. I’m KC Craichy, this is my wife Monica. Happy New Year, again. We’re here today to follow up on the LivingFuel Fast blast from last week. Many of you are asking how do we do it? How do we make a delicious super smoothie that really is going to allow us to go four to six hours without hunger or cravings? Today, we’re going to show you the blender version of the Living Fuel super smoothie.

Monica: The key is, and the thing that I like about the LivingFuel Fast, is that you don’t go hungry. KC, you always say if somebody’s flying to California, you don’t fuel up to Texas. You’ve got to fuel up to California. That’s going to be the key, is making sure that you get everything you need inside your body that’s going to let you stretch those four to six hours without feeling hunger or cravings.

KC: Now, many of you are thinking, “Four to six hours, I can’t go four to six hours. I get so hungry, I crash, I’m hypoglycemic,” or whatever. The truth is that you’re designed to go four to six hours, and if you’re not able to do it now, you will be able to get there, so just work with it, and cut it in half, and so on. I know we’ve heard the “eat every three hours thing”, but the truth is, for the first three hours after a meal, you’re in the fully-fed state. That means that you’re fueled by what you ate three hours ago. From three hours to six hours or until you eat again, is what we call maximum metabolic mode. You want to get there, because that’s really where the body fat is going to be burned. So, make sure you fuel yourself properly. Now, each of you are individuals. Some of you require more protein, some of you require more healthy fats, and so on. There is a recipe that you will love and that will get you there.

Monica: This is everything you’re going to need for the Fuel Fast. There’s the LivingFuel SuperBerry Ultimate, there’s the LivingProtein, and then there’s the SuperGreens. Now, the greens have the rice-pea protein base, and this has your broccoli, spinach, kale, spirulina. This is the protein. I like to add a little extra protein. This is the berry, that has the raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and blueberries, but they all have the same protein base, right, honey?

KC: That’s correct.

Monica: All right.

KC: Same general nutrients. Many of you are saying, “Well I really don’t like greens, I’m not used to eating greens, I certainly don’t want to drink them.” We always say it’s a long way from a fast food hamburger to LivingFuel Greens, but frankly it is delicious and every taste is a learned experience. People learn to eat all kinds of crazy things. Greens, even if you remember back, they say, “I can’t get my kids to eat the greens,” and so on. If you end up starting out with the SuperBerry and graduate to Greens, if you’re not already a greens person. Now, people who have had green drinks and love greens, will love LivingFuel Greens. In the meantime, start with SuperBerry and eventually start adding some greens into your SuperBerry until you’re 50-50, and I think you’re going to love it.

Monica: This is how we do it. We take a full scoop of the SuperBerry. The scoop inside the protein is half the size of the others, so you can see it’s a full scoop of protein, and then it’s a full scoop of the Greens. This added with water is perfectly fine, but we’re trying to teach you how to stretch yourself to where you can go that four to six hours. There are some things that we can add to let it go a little bit longer, let me show you.

KC: Many of you are not going to need that. Many of you say just a scoop of Berry and a scoop of Greens and you last six or seven hours, and this is plenty for you. But what she’s going to show you is for the ones that do have trouble getting to the six hours.

Monica: Now, one of the greatest things is coconut milk. Tell them why coconut milk is so filling.

KC: Coconut milk is one of the healthy fuel fats. It has terrific medium-chain triglycerides and so on that literally help you form adenosine triphosphate in the cell, more readily than a lot of foods without being digested. It’s a terrific food, a terrific fuel and a terrific fat.

Monica: And then, I’ve added some water. Depending on what consistency you like, you can add more water or less water. Then, we also have this CocoChia Snack Mix that is shredded coconut and chia seeds. This also will thicken up your shake if you like to chew your shake.

KC: Many people will go with just coconut milk and not CocoChia, or just CocoChia and not coconut milk. Again, it’s all individual taste.

Monica: Yes. And you can add ice to this, you can add some juice to it. We have out here cranberry juice or orange juice. I like to add either, so I’m just going to go ahead and do that. There’s really no wrong thing when you’re making a fuel shake.

KC: Again, she’s talking about a splash of juice, a splash of coconut milk. It’s mostly water. When you put a splash of juice, you really don’t change the glycemic response because there’s so much protein and so much fiber. It really just enhances the taste.

Monica: All right, so let’s blend it up. Some people add ice, too. Then, it’s ready to pour. You ready for lunch, darling?

KC: Thank you, yes. I’m very hungry.

Monica: Now, along with your Fuel, we’re splitting one here, by the way. Along with your Fuel, you also want to take your SuperEssentials Omega Oils. Can you tell them about that and why that’s important?

KC: Essential fatty acids are one of the primary building blocks of your body, of your brain and so on. It is hugely important. Plant-based Omega-3 does not convert very efficiently in the human body. A fish, for instance, is an Omega-3 factory, where it will take the plant Omega-3 and convert it to EPA and DHA, which is what you really want. It’s hugely important, so many reasons to take it. Also includes Vitamin D, and if you’ve the research or you’ve seen our reports on Vitamin D, hugely important for so many, many reasons. Between these products you see right here, you can sustain life indefinitely and thus, that’s what we use on the fuel fast.

Monica: The reason why you didn’t put the oils in the powders is…

KC: Well, fish in a beautiful vegetable or fruit powder is not lovely for one, and secondly it goes rancid, so it’s really not a good option.

Monica: The other thing you can add is our CocoChia Bars. We have two flavors. We’ve got the blue which is the original, and then we have the chocolate version, which is the original but it’s wrapped in non-glycemic chocolate.

KC: Correct. You can either take a CocoChia Bar as a dessert after you finish your fuel lunch, or you can eat some nuts or seeds, or something along those lines. So, cheers.

Monica: And that’s it. It’s as easy as that. Cheers, darling. And super health to you.

KC: And to you.

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