KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcast: Fueling Olympic Dreams – The Race of My Life

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Posted on 13th July 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Today on LivingFuelTV, we continue our inspiring series Fueling Olympic Dreams with Manny Huerta of the United States men’s Olympic triathlon team and the 2011 USA Triathlon Elite Athlete of the Year. In our episode, Manny explains how he realized his body was like a high-performance race car and how he begin to treat it as such. The results helped Manny complete his “best race ever” and achieve his lifelong dream of competing in the Olympics. He’ll swim, bike, and run for gold next month in the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

We all want to live high performance lives and perform at top efficiency. What Manny learned to help him perform his best, may just help you perform your best.

Audio Transcription:

KC: Welcome to LivingFuelTV. I’m KC Craichy with special guest, a new member to our Olympic Team, Manny Huerta. Manny, welcome.

Manny: Thank you, thank you.

KC: We’ve been talking in segments about your history and how you immigrated from Cuba and how you started your career in sprint distance triathlon. And then, you went into Olympic distance, and now you’ve been doing that for a decade, and now you’ve had success as you made the Olympic Team last weekend. Congratulations on that.

Manny: Thanks. Thanks.

KC: Now, we want to get more into the detail. OK? And tell us how you fueled yourself, for instance. How did you prepare yourself? How did you fuel yourself when you were 17? Do you remember this? Do you remember what you did? Because, you know, usually when people are 17 and they don’t have the right influences in their life and they just do what they normally do and then they run out and run a race, is that essentially what you did?

Manny: Yes, I mean, back when I was 17, 18, 19 even, I just didn’t know too much about nutrition, and I didn’t think about it too much. I thought that it was all swimming, biking and running, and it would turn out to be good. But actually it’s not. I have made the biggest nutrition changes in the past year and a half, two years. And I’ve seen a lot of changes in my training and in my racing. I see myself as a formula one car, and when you look on TV at a Formula One car, you just don’t put your normal Chevron or whatever gasoline. So, you have to look at yourself as one of those cars that need very specific fuel and the best the better. So, yes, with the changes I made throughout this past couple of years, my performance has gotten a lot better.

KC: So, what do you attribute that to? I mean, is that, did you finally discover that you needed more of a certain nutrient or did you time the nutrient better or how did this evolve?

Manny: It’s actually both. I mean, first of all, it was so important to time the nutrients before, during and after. And then, what type of nutrients, too. So, for example, when I wake up in the morning and this will be for race day, I’ll have my cup of coffee like pretty much every Cuban does, and then I’ll have the SuperBerry Living Fuel. And then, just so that I can start having some amino acids, I will put SuperEssential Amino Acids with my sporting drink before the race. You know, about one hour and hour and a half before the race. During the race I keep using them, and this is something that I started doing for this race. It turned out to be the best race, the race of my life. I had some amino acids during the race, and then obviously after the race I had it with the protein and even more SuperBerry. So, I think it’s very important, the nutrition part of the race. So many people, they don’t believe in it or they don’t take special attention, but this is even more important than your training. The way you fuel, it’s everything. You can do all of the miles in the world, but if you don’t feel right that’s it, you’re in no man’s land.

KC: It’s interesting, we talk about getting an advantage.Everybody wants to get the best advantage they can get. They make sure they sleep enough, they make sure they train enough, they make sure they get enough recovery time. And then, when you put the right nutrients in you, it is an extraordinary difference in your body because the body is designed to work a certain way, and if you don’t have the raw material to work a certain way, you’re just not going to work that way, so to speak. So, like you talked about, putting SuperEssentials in your sports drink. Now you’ve transformed an electrolyte sugar mix, which is important, but you’ve also now added the raw material that basically drives every function in your body, the essential amino acids. And that, it’s a great story, I really enjoyed hearing you telling us that. You said that one of my guys told you, “Hey, you got to be doing this before and during the race” and you hadn’t done that before, and then when you did that, now you end up winning and qualifying for the U. S. Olympic Team, and when you think about the fact you had to come in 9th in the world and you came in 9th in the world.

Manny: Mm-hmm.

KC: So, everything you did mattered. The amount of sleep you had mattered, the way you fueled mattered. Every single thing mattered because 10th wasn’t going to get you there.

Manny: Yeah. And the 10th guy was six seconds back. So, he was right there. So, yes, I mean, having Living Fuel that makes the purest, with the purest ingredients, it makes it so much easier for your body. All of a sudden, your body doesn’t have to be trying to get rid of the other stuff that other products have. So, it’s a quicker process and a better process and at the end, for me six seconds was between winning or losing so imagine, if I wouldn’t have done it, if I wouldn’t have done all the training, fuel right and do the whole resting/sleeping, I could’ve been seven seconds back, and that would have gotten me out of the team.

KC: You said the way you fueled yourself in that race resulted in the best race of your life. Could you tell us what did you feel differently? What was the difference that you could actually notice during that race?

Manny: Well, for example, KC, I tended to during the run, and this is already over an hour of racing, for the first couple of races I used to go out very fast on the run but then fade it back big time. And in many cultures they thought that it was like an endurance kind of problem or that I went out too fast and your body eventually wasn’t used to or couldn’t handle that pace. But at this race, I went out with my heart and I’m like, I want to give it a true shot. I know if I don’t go out and stay in that top nine, I’m going to be out of it. But here I am, half way through the run, and in my head I’m like, well this is when I start fading now. This is when I’m going backwards, but I wasn’t going backwards. I was staying with those guys who were running. I was in 4th or 5th at that time. So, it gave me more confidence, that I felt I was hurting, it’s a world championship race, but my body wasn’t giving up on me.

KC: That is fantastic.

Manny: My mind was… It’s always been I want to go forward, by unfortunately my body will give up and there my body wasn’t. My body was keeping up with my mind, and I was able to finish, to do that.

KC: What a great story.

Manny: Yeah, yeah.

KC: So, what’s the best you had done in that level race in the past? Manny: Before, my best performance at that level of a world championship series race was 13th, two years ago. Last year, when everyone is trying to qualify for the Olympics, I was finishing in the top 20s. A month ago I went to do a single race in Sydney, and I never thought of using the aminos during and before the race and I was 42nd. I finished 42nd place. So, like you say, James wrote me an email and he told me that, hey, you should really look into using the aminos before and during the race. I think it will give you that little boost on the last couple of kilometers when your body is screaming for fuel. It’s already there. So, I had doubts at first, to be honest, it’s something that I’d never done it before. Why would I do it on that special occasion? But I listened and I did it and it’s fantastic. I had the race of my life.

KC: That’s great. What an awesome story. Well, congratulations. We’re going to be with you at the Olympics.

Manny: Thanks.

KC: God bless you and carry on, man.

Manny: Right, right. Thanks.

KC: Sure hope you enjoyed it. God bless you and have a great day.

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