KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcast: Fueling Olympic Dreams – What Does An Olympian Eat?

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Posted on 13th July 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Today we wrap up our very special LivingFuelTV series Fueling Olympic Dreams with Manny Huerta, member of the United States men’s Olympic triathlon team. Join us as Manny describes a day in the nutritional life of an Olympian. His knowledge and experience in developing his personal dietary regimen may help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Audio Transcription:

KC: Welcome to Living Fuel TV. I’m KC Craichy with special guest, Manny Huerta, who is the most recent addition to the U. S. Olympic Team. Congratulations.

Manny: Thanks.

KC: Olympic distance triathlon. We’re interested to know what is a nutrition day for you? Let’s just say you wake up and what happens?

Manny: I wake up in the morning, I have my coffee.

KC: Is this a race day?

Manny: No, this is just my regular day.


Manny: I’ll go out and I’ll use the SuperBerry with one or two bars, the CocoChia bars. I’ll go out for a ride, two to two and a half hour ride. Then, I’ll come back and I’ll make a smoothie with the SuperGreens and the aminos and even the protein. Then, afterwards mid-day or even in the afternoon I’ll probably have one or two bars for a snack.

KC: CocoChia bars?

Manny: Yeah, the CocoChia bars. I’ll go out and do my second training session of the day, and I finish again having more of the aminos and the protein.

KC: The LivingProtein? Manny: The LivingProtein and the Living Aminos. So, that’s just kind of the typical day.

KC: Now, have you tried what you just did in the race? Of using the aminos before and during the race? Have you tried that before and during training, also?

Manny: Yes, actually a week before the race I wanted to try it out in training just to see how my body would react and if it could handle it. I went out for a two to two and a half hour bike ride in the mountains of Costa Rica, and right before I left I had some aminos with a sport drink. Then, I kept drinking it throughout my bike ride, I had it in my bottles. Then I got off and I ran four by one mile repeats to see how I would feel, and that’s when my body will do the positive or negative reaction and I felt very good. I’d been out there already for over three hours, and that’s when I realized that I was going to do that on race day, and it worked out for the best. So, it was great that I got to try it before and obviously starting since that day, since the race on Saturday, that’s what I’ve been doing. Every morning I make sure I have some of the aminos while I’m working out. If I’m swimming, I’ll have it there on the water bottle. If I’m biking, it’s already there on my bike frame. So it’s good, and I’ve got three months to prepare for the Olympics, so the little changes can make a huge difference. So, I will stick to the same plan that I’ve been doing so far that got me this far, to even get better.

KC: That’s terrific. Now, at the end of that day, and you just want to go have a meal like regular people do, what is it? What is that meal? What would you have for dinner after a tough day like that?

Manny: For dinner, my girlfriend is the one that cooks for me, but I’ll have a salad of like quinoa and some type of protein, but before I even eat, right on my last training session, before you start cooking or take a shower or doing stuff around the house, those 20 minutes after your workout, that’s the key. So, I know you’re tired and I know that it can get a little bit out of your way, but it’s very important. Before I even get to dinner, I make sure I have something. If you’re stretching or if you’re getting ready to start cooking, don’t wait that long for dinner. I’ll have a bar or I’ll have a shake with the protein and the SuperBerry and the SuperEssentials Aminos. And that’s the first thing you’re giving your body, so that’s the most important thing.

KC: Even if you’re not hungry, do not miss that 15 minute window after your sport.

Manny: Yes, exactly, yes, yes. It’s very important. Don’t wait until you get hungry to start eating because by then it’s too late.

KC: You’ve missed the window.

Manny: Yes, it’s too late. Your body has already looked for something else within your body to eat. So, the most important meals are those right after your workouts.

KC: Terrific. Thanks for sharing all the wisdom and experience. Manny, we wish you the very best.

Manny: OK. Thanks.

KC: God bless you.

Manny: Thanks. You, too.

KC: God bless you and have a great day.

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