KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcast: Red Wine and The French Paradox

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Posted on 12th October 2012 by admin in Health Alerts |Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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The French Paradox is a long-standing pillar of truth, a given, in the natural health community.  The French Paradox concludes that the consumption of red wine is the primary reason why the French and others on the so-called Mediterranean Diet are able to consume high amounts of saturated fat and other seemingly “unhealthy” foods and still remain relatively slim with low incidents of many of the chronic diseases that plague the United States today.  But is red wine truly the hero of the story?

Today on LivingFuelTV, we’ll take a brief but illustrative look at the French Paradox and ask if red wine is really the health drink it’s touted to be.  The answer may surprise you.  Join me by clicking on the graphic below to watch.

Audio Transcript:

Welcome to Living Fuel TV. This is KC Craichy.

So we all know that drinking wine is good for us, correct? We’ve heard of the French Paradox. The French Paradox is, basically, they concluded that drinking red wine with your meals in the Mediterranean diet is the secret to the success of the Mediterranean diet. This is published in many places, often times, sponsored by the wine companies. Now there is evidence that certain aspects of wine are healthy for the human body. But recently a study just came out that said red wine polyphenols show blood sugar benefits. This is published in Clinical Nutrition, which is a very respected journal.

So the polyphenols in red wine do not extend to white wine or even other forms of alcohol. This particular study compared red wine to other forms of alcohol, and showed that the red wine brought the benefits, but the other forms of alcohol did not. They also compared it to an alcohol-free red wine, and that did bring the majority of the benefits mentioned in the study about red wine, also. So let’s talk about the Mediterranean diet and the French Paradox just for a moment, for all you wine drinkers.

Now before we go there, even the literature suggests one, maybe two normal-sized glasses of wine is the amount that brings the polyphenols, the blood sugar benefits and so on. Anybody drinking more than one or two glasses of wine a day have gone beyond health benefits, and gotten into health detriments. Now that doesn’t mean that the first two glasses didn’t hurt you, but we know that the third and fourth, and fifth are not going to be to your benefit.

So the French Paradox, is that really the answer in why the Mediterranean diet has been successful over the years in all these studies and so on? Well, I prefer to think that the French Paradox would really be the Omega-3. There’s a lot of Omega-3 in the Mediterranean diet, and a lot of Olive oil. Those have both been shown to increase energy, delay disease, enhance performance, optimize weight, all the things you really want out of the Fountain of Youth, which are things that have been attributed to the Mediterranean diet.

So, is it the red wine? Like, I said, wine is a two-edged sword. There have been studied benefits to wine, but there have also been many studies that show that alcohol simply is not good for your health. The truth is that wine contains resveratrol, which you can get through supplementation. Wine contains polyphenols, which you can get a lot of different ways even through grape juice. So there are a lot of ways to accomplish the benefits of wine, without drinking alcoholic beverages.

So, you make your own decisions there. But regardless, keep it at one to two glasses a day if you want to do it, and remember, it is red wine, not alcohol in general that is causing these positive effects.

God bless you, and have a great day.

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