Omega-3: Tips To Help Your Family Take Fish Oil

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Posted on 12th June 2014 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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“It’s hard enough to get my kids to eat their broccoli or carrots, so how can I get them to take their fish oil capsules?”  Many adults have similar issues. 
As you may already know, studies abound about the wonderful health benefits of Omega-3 fish oil, and these benefits also apply to our children!  In our final LivingFuelTV episode in the Omega-3 series, we get practical with several tips on how you can help your whole family, even your kids, add fish oil supplements to their daily routine. 
Before we get started, you may be asking:  How many fish oil capsules should kids take? We recommend one soft gel capsule per twenty-five pounds of body weight (just be sure to check with your healthcare professional before starting your kids on any nutritional supplement). 
Start early. 
Even newborns need their Omega-3 which they can get through breastfeeding with mom taking her fish oil.  After baby is weaned, just squeeze a proportional amount, based on weight, of a soft gel capsule into their mouth each day or every other day.  If your kids are older, start today with the following tips. 
Set the example. 
As parents, kids will imitate what we DO much more than what we SAY.  Make it a habit for the whole family to take their fish oil together – perhaps at breakfast or dinner time. Just as we share with our kids the benefits of brushing their teeth, share with them the benefits of taking fish oil and help them to understand what it’s doing in their bodies, i.e. brain health, flow in their system, etc. As with any habit, once it’s established, your kids will start to do it on their own. 
Use a pin or fork to puncture the soft gel capsule and squeeze the liquid into a spoon or right into your child’s mouth.  Start with a small amount and increase as they adjust to the taste. You’ll discover that your kids will begin to really enjoy it!  This is a great starting point and is recommended for kids of all ages. 
Have your child chew the soft gel.  The capsule will “pop” and the liquid will squirt into their mouth.  They can chew on the capsule for a while and swallow it or they may choose to spit out the empty capsule (recommended for kids with adequate teeth to firmly chew up the capsule).  The liquid should taste pleasant, oily, and mildly fishy. 
Living Fuel SuperEssentials Omega are encased in a buffalo gelatin soft gel capsules making them quite easy to swallow.  Have your child put one capsule in their mouth, take a drink of water, “float” the capsule in their mouth and take a big swallow!  Recommended for children at least four years of age. 
Encourage and reward your kids for taking their fish oil with a favorite treat, movie, or other fun activity. 
Gather your kids around the computer and watch two of our children, then 3-year old Joshua and 7-year old Grace, demonstrate how they take their fish oil. 

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