SuperEssentials OMEGA 3EDA+ is Back in Stock!

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Posted on 21st October 2014 by admin in Super Health

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LivingFuel SuperEssentials® Omega 3EDA+ is a harmonious blend of ultra-pure Omega-3 EPA/DHA essential fatty acids from fish oil from sardines and anchovies, protective Omega-6 GLA from borage seed oil, the powerful all-natural antioxidants Vitamin D and Vitamin A, full-spectrum Vitamin E, and the super potent carotenoid Astaxanthin.

Mike Adams, The Health Ranger and editor of, chose SuperEssentials Omega as Best Fish Oil saying, “I trust the quality and it naturally contains Vitamin D.”  Mike said he uses SuperEssentials Omega every day, recommending it for life and health “while helping prevent chronic degenerative health conditions.”  He added, “if we wanted to turn America into a nation of healthy, intelligent people with genius children and highly productive senior citizens, we would want to hand out vitamin D, astaxanthin and fish oil supplements to everybody. It could literally revolutionize the future of any nation!”
Join Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy in this special video as they answer the top questions about SuperEssentials Omega, the powerful supplement that only Living Fuel could make. 

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