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Posted on 23rd January 2010 by admin in Super Health

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Dear Living Fuel Family,

You’ve likely heard of the growing popularity of fasting for detoxification, weight optimization and overall good health. You may be asking: How do I get started? Do I stop eating completely? Do I fill up my grocery cart with fresh fruits and vegetables then create a juice in my blender? Countless questions on this topic abound!

Here at Living Fuel, we’ve created a surprisingly simple, fun and life-changing plan to incorporate fasting into your life. We call it The 7 Day Challenge. In today’s video message, join us in the kitchen as we present the “how to’s” of The 7 Day Challenge. Click on the link below to watch! http://www.livingfuel.com/Seven_Day_Challenge.aspx

For more information, visit our website, www.livingfuel.com, or call us at 1-866-580-FUEL (3835).

Here’s to your SuperHealth,

KC & Monica Craichy
Founder & CEO Living Fuel, Inc.

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