LivingFuel SuperHealth: KC and Dr. Smith Challenge Conventional Thinking

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Posted on 11th February 2010 by admin in Super Health

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Dear Living Fuel Family,

Over the next few weeks, we are excited to be bringing you a special series of interviews with Leonard Smith, M.D. Dr. Smith is a renowned nutrition and natural medicine expert, gastrointestinal and vascular surgeon and integrative medicine adviser to the University of Miami’s School of Medicine. Dr. Smith is also a longtime Living Fuel advocate and our dear friend.

Stay tuned in this series for insightful medical wisdom from Dr. Smith – information that you will not hear elsewhere! We invite you to use this new knowledge in making daily decisions vital to your family’s health and well being.

Today, in part one of our series, meet Dr. Smith and learn about his compelling transition from a traditional allopathic physician to an authority in natural and integrative healing and how his patients actually changed his practice. Click here to watch.

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