Cheesecake SuperSmoothie

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Posted on 27th April 2016 by admin in Super Recipes

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Is your daily yogurt getting a bit boring?

Try the protein-packed, probiotic-rich and nutrient-dense LivingFuel Cheesecake SuperSmoothie with our powerful LivingFuel SuperBerry® and revolutionary LivingProtein®.  Creamy organic Greek yogurt gives this recipe a smooth, delicious, sweet and tangy taste.  This great SuperSmoothie fuels you with 330 calories, 39 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber and countless plant-based micronutrients!
LivingProtein® Cheesecake SuperSmoothie

LivingFuel LivingProtein®1 scoop LivingFuel SuperBerry® Ultimate (or SuperBerry® Original)
 1 scoop LivingFuel LivingProtein®
 ½ cup cold water
1 serving of organic Greek vanilla yogurt
2 ice cubes
Blend until smooth
LivingFuel SuperBerry® UltimateMix it up!  Try substituting goat’s milk or coconut yogurt instead of Greek yogurt or unsweetened almond milk instead of water.  Add these nutrient-dense superfoods for added variety, taste, sweetness, texture, protein, fiber, and other beneficial nutrients:Banana
Organic blueberries, cranberries, strawberries or raspberries
Organic almond butter
Organic cocoa powder
LivingFuel CocoChia® Snack Mix
LivingFuel Therasweet®
Raw honey
Organic ground cinnamon
Celtic Sea Salt

 For more great SuperSmoothies and other creative recipes visit the LivingFuel Recipes page.  You’re sure to find other creations you and your family will love!

Ebola–A Strong Response

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Posted on 17th October 2014 by admin in Health Alerts

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Our bodies’ remarkable immune systems are one of the many good gifts from our Creator.  We are truly “fearfully and wonderfully made”!  (Psalm 139:14)  Daily we are bombarded by toxins, bacteria, chemicals, and viruses that left unchecked, can do significant harm.  Like a highly skilled and resilient military platoon, our immune systems act, respond and fight 24/7 with the goal of keeping us not just alive, but in good health. 

The ebola virus appears to be a particularly virulent foe and it’s making constant headlines worldwide. The news will continue to come fast and furious over the coming days with often conflicting information, so we will do our part to to bring a balanced perspective on what is being reported.  Look for more frequent HealthAlerts on this important topic coming to your inbox. 

Tune in to today’s episode as we’ll discuss practical (and free!) steps you can take now to sharpen, strengthen and bolster your immune system and the immune systems of those you love.  

Click on the graphic below to watch.

 Ebola Virus

Naturally Attack Symptoms of Cold and Flu

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Posted on 25th September 2014 by admin in Health Alerts |Super Health

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We are officially into the Fall season and perhaps you or someone you love is managing sore throat,  nausea, headache, nasal congestion, body ache, or a combination of these nasty symptoms already.  Let’s go on the offensive!

Today on LivingFuelTV, we present some simple, practical, innovative and natural strategies that have worked effectively to blunt the impact and duration of the cold/flu in my own family as well as thousands of others.   
Click on the graphic below to watch.  And consider forwarding the episode to your doctor or someone you know battling a cold this week.

Look and Feel Great During the Holidays

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Posted on 4th November 2013 by admin in Super Health

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Look and Feel Great During the Holidays.


Imagine beginning this holiday season with noticeable benefits of increased energy, strength, endurance and weight optimization!


Picture yourself walking into the room this Thanksgiving and hearing your family and friends as they exclaim, “You look great!” Imagine not only looking great, but having energy that you haven’t had for a very long time.
Imagine craving foods that are good for you and realizing that you have taken positive action to control your health, and that you have achieved a quality of life that many only dream about.
Imagine starting the new year without needing to set a resolution to lose all of those extra pounds that you gained during the holiday season. Wouldn’t that be great?!
The best part is, this is a goal you can achieve. It will begin when you decide to begin your journey towards SuperHealth.
The journey begins with the 7 Day Fuel Fast Challenge.  Once you accept the challenge, you’ll find yourself on the threshold of vibrant health and incredible energy. In one week, Living Fuel will put you on a course of optimal nutrition that could change the rest of your life.
In addition, we have more good news!
We are giving away over $2300.00 of Living Fuel prizes in the 7 Day Fuel Fast Challenge GIVEAWAY!
We’ve made it as easy  as 1-2-3-for you to get started…
1- Click to watch the brief 5 minute video below, as we walk you through the simple steps for each day of the week. You will be informed and inspired to begin your fuel fast.


2- Read the information that is  below the video to help you get started. You will discover the ability to achieve your health goals and overcome cravings and addictions to sugar, caffeine and other unhealthy foods and beverages.
3- Visit our Facebook page to take part in our 7 Day Fuel Fast Challenge Giveaway! We have some great prizes and you can receive a copy of KC’s book:Super Health DietThe Super Health Diet, The Last Diet You Will Ever Need! Simply follow the simple steps and when you reach 100 points, your book will be on its way! In addition, you can click here for an instant entry form.


The 1st place prize is a virtual $1000 Living Fuel Gift Card!
The 2nd place winner receives a virtual $500.00 Living Fuel Gift To view, turn on display imagesCard and the 3rd Place winner will receive a virtual $250.00 Living Fuel Gift Card. In addition, there’s more great prizes. You can see all of them and get all of the details here on our Facebook Fuel Fast Giveaway Page.


In addition, every Living Fuel order you place between November 1st and December 23, 2013 earns 200 points. Order points will be calculated at the end of the contest and the winners will be announced on 12/30/2013. To visit our products page, click here.
We are here for you!  Always feel free to give us a call at 1-866-580-FUEL (3835), or reply back to this email with any questions or comments that you may have. We would love to hear from you.
We are also pleased to continually receive testimonials like this one:

“I am on week 4 of LF and feel like my old self again! My energy levels have greatly improved. I have been doing 3 shakes per day. My clothes are feeling sooo much better! I have not weighed in over 2 weeks. Since being diagnosed with hypothyroid 3 years ago this is the best I have felt. I feel I have my life back! Thank you Lord! Thank you Monica and KC. ”

God bless!
Sue, Florida


The holidays will be here before you know it. So, be a winner and take the challenge today!
Here’s to your SuperHealth!
KC and Monica Craichy
Founders of Living Fuel

Product Spotlight: LivingFuel SuperGreens

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Posted on 12th August 2013 by admin in Product Spotlight |Super Health

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The Evolution of LivingFuel SuperGreens

LivingFuel products are unparalleled, cutting-edge nutrition. LivingFuel SuperGreens is the flagship LivingFuel functional superfood, and this powerful formula has remained the top green superfood on the market for more than 10 years.  Do you remember original packaging and labeling above?  While the label may have changed, the extraordinary formula has not.  We receive many questions about SuperGreens such as What is it?, Why do I need it?, and How do I use it?

Join Living Fuel founders KC and Monica Craichy as they answer these questions and more on this one-of-a-kind superfood.  Click on the graphic below to join us.

KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcast: Flu Shot Alternatives

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Posted on 5th April 2013 by admin in Health Alerts |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Glance into a local family practitioner’s office today and you’re likely to see a fluorescently lit waiting room lined with weary, achy, sniffling, coughing flu sufferers. Our remarkable immune systems are under attack by the annual flu bug. So what’s the difference between those that contract the flu and those that remain well? Are we to believe the media, pharmaceutical companies, drug store advertisements, and government agencies that tell us that the flu vaccine is a must to protect you and your family?

Join KC for an important HealthAlert on this topic that affects us all. Today, he’ll explore several practical, safe, natural, powerful, and needle-free defensive alternatives, from Vitamin A to Zinc, that helps protect yourself and your family.

Audio Transcript:


Understanding Omega-3

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Posted on 21st March 2013 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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Not all Omega-3 is created equal.

Last week on LivingFuelTV, KC Craichy discussed krill oil, your health food store’s hot new Omega-3 supplement.  In additional to supplemental form, there are numerous natural food sources of Omega-3—sardines, salmon, walnuts, and chia seeds just to name a few.

Today, KC clearly explains which Omega-3 sources provide your body with the most potent and useful forms of Omega-3.  What is DHA, EPA, and ALA and why are they vital to understand?  What is the most important consideration as you’re analyzing Omega-3 supplements?  How about liquid fish oil?  Does the fish oil capsule matter?

Learn this and more today on LivingFuelTV.  Tune in to this week’s episode by clicking on the graphic below.

LivingProtein® Back in Stock!

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Posted on 18th February 2013 by admin in Super Health

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Great news!

Living Fuel’s revolutionary LivingProtein® is back in stock!  Thank you so much for your patience.

LivingFuel LivingProtein is a remarkable functional superfood. One serving contains 21 grams of plant protein, 6 grams of fiber, broad-spectrum antioxidants, live prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes. LivingProtein provides many specific benefits, including:

  • Pure, organic, non-GMO, natural protein source (brown rice and yellow pea)
  • Great tasting, convenient, and smooth
  • Helps manage blood sugar levels
  • Free of whey, milk, and soy protein

Join Living Fuel founders KC and Monica Craichy in a special video as they explain what Living Protein is; why you should consider adding it to your eating plan; and how to best prepare and enjoy the product. Click on the graphic below to watch.

Inside LivingFuel: Wild Blueberries

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Posted on 21st January 2013 by admin in Super Health

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How remarkable that the most nutritious foods are the most colorful such as brightly colored fruits and vegetables-red bell peppers, green kale, yellow bananas, orange oranges and blue blueberries!  WILD BLUEBERRIES are one of the most nutrient dense fruits on earth, rich in nourishing flavonoids and phytochemicals.  In fact, the USDA Human Nutrition Center ranks blueberries as number one in antioxidant activity compared with 40 other fruits and vegetables.

Here’s some other interesting facts about these nutritional powerhouses:

  • Wild blueberries, unlike cultivated blueberries, are not planted, but grown on low bushes naturally in Maine, Atlantic Canada, and Quebec.
  • Wild blueberries are one of only three berries native to North America (the others are Concord grapes and cranberries).
  • Wild blueberries, smaller and more compact than cultivated blueberries, also contain more of the powerful antioxidants anthocyanins.
  • Wild blueberries are low in sugar and calories, high in fiber, and contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, zinc, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium.
  • In a study published in last month’s issue of the medical journal Circulation, the Harvard School of Public Health showed that women who ate at least three servings of blueberries and strawberries per week had significantly fewer heart attacks.  These berries contain high levels of flavonoids andanthocyanins that have shown positive cardiovascular benefits in previous research studies.


Inside LivingFuel: Strawberries

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Posted on 14th January 2013 by admin in Super Health

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While most of the interior United States remains locked in the cold grip of winter, here in central Florida, the famous Plant City strawberry crop is already rolling into local farmer’s markets, a sign of spring around the corner!

With their bright red exterior, covering of dimpled tiny yellow seeds, and lid of tousled green leaves, the wonderful strawberry is a delight to the eye as well as the mouth!  Here’s a few interesting facts about this beautiful berry:

  • Strawberries are the only fruit with their seeds on the outside.  Each berry can contain over 200 seeds—it takes just one strawberry to start your own strawberry field forever.
  • Because the fruit is fragile and can bruise easily, all strawberries all hand-picked.
  • Strawberries are an excellent source of Vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, lutein, and fiber.
  • A study from the Harvard School of Public Health showed that that women who eat 16 or more strawberries per week are 14% less likely to have elevated levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), a key marker of inflammation in the body.
Organic freeze-dried powdered strawberries are a key ingredient in Living Fuel’s revolutionary LivingFuel SuperBerry Ultimate and SuperBerry Original functional whole-meal superfoods. (more…)