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Posted on 8th January 2015 by admin in KAJ Brothers

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You may remember the “boy bands” of yesterday like The Backstreet Boys and N’ Sync. Now, The KAJ Brothers are the newest act from Orlando.

They describe their sound as orchestral R & B. They’re on YouTube with an elaborate cover of Lionel Richie’s classic “Hello”.

“We want to restore love songs,” says Kyle Craichy, one of the three KAJ Brothers.

The trio is make up of Kyle, his brother Austin, and Johnny Ayts, originally from Paris. They say more songs are on the way. They returned here recently following song writing sessions in Nashville.

Read the full story here.

Click below to watch the KAJ Brothers on FoxTampaBay.


FOX 13 News

Living Fuel Founder’s Kids Release Music With a Cause!

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KAJ Brothers Debut Single Hello Hits the Street for Awareness of a Cause Close to Their Hearts

“Monica and I are so excited about our sons’ group KAJ Brothers and its humanitarian purpose!  We believe you will be, too!”  KC & Monica Craichy

The KAJ Brothers–Kyle and Austin Craichy (sons of Living Fuel founders KC and Monica Craichy) and Johnny Atys–just released their debut single ‘Hello’.   It’s now available at iTunes.  The trio are donating 100% of the singles first year’s profits from iTunes to organizations that provide assistance to women and girls that will help free them from the horrors of sex trafficking. (Read more in the KAJ Brothers latest news release
Watch the KAJ Brothers exciting debut music video by clicking on the graphic below and be sure to share with your friends!

  KAJ Brothers "Hello"

Sneak Peak Music Video: Raising Their Voices, Raised on Living Fuel

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Dear Living Fuel Family,

Monica and I want to share some exciting news about our sons who were raised on Living Fuel. There are no better examples of Super Health than Kyle and Austin Craichy.  LivingFuel SuperGreens and subsequently SuperBerry UltimateLivingProtein and SuperEssentials Omega have been their daily nutrition foundation for most of their lives. They along with their good friend and fellow FUELer, Johnny Atys, have recently formed the multi-talented musical trio KAJ Brothers. Please enjoy this exclusive sneak peak video. We will keep you posted when their first video/songs are released very soon!

Click the graphic below to watch and thanks for sharing with your circle of friends!

KAJ Brothers

Here’s to your Super Health!

KC Craichy 
Founder & CEO 
Living Fuel, Inc.

Austin Craichy’s SuperTeen SuperSmoothie

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Posted on 27th January 2014 by admin in Super Health |Super Recipes

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Is LivingFuel OK for kids?

LivingFuel’s Functional Superfoods LivingFuel SuperBerry, SuperGreens and LivingProtein are not only OK for children of all ages and all activity levels, it’s fantastic for them!  Supercharge a child’s diet and maximize their growth with clean plant protein, powerful superfoods like blueberries and strawberries, cleansing herbs, protective antioxidants and cleansing probiotics found in Living Fuel’s revolutionary Superfoods.  You’ll provide their growing bodies with the best fuel for their daily activities and also set them up for a lifetime of healthy food choices.

Here’s a terrific recipe straight from Living Fuel Founder KC Craichy’s family kitchen.  18-year-old Austin Craichy (right) has started his day for the past 12 years with this delicious SuperSmoothie that fuels him with 520 nutrient-dense calories, 26 grams of building protein and 12 grams of cleansing fiber.  Austin is living proof of the power of Living Fuel!

Austin Craichy’s SuperTeen SuperSmoothie

2 scoops LivingFuel SuperBerry Ultimate (or SuperBerry Original)
1/2 medium banana
3 medium organic strawberries
splash fresh-squeezed organic orange juice
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1/2 cup ice
1 cup spring water (or adjust to desired consistency)
Mix in blender until smooth

Does your family have a favorite LivingFuel recipe?

Share it by emailing info@livingfuel.com or posting to the Living Fuel Facebook Page.

Today’s recipe is just one of 23 delicious and nutrient-packed SuperSmoothie recipes you’ll find in KC Craichy’s most recent book The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need! Get your own copy of this life-changing book by placing an order in any amount thru January 31, 2014 at www.livingfuel.com.  This $24.97 value requires no coupon or promotional code.  We’ll include a copy right along your order with our warm regards!
Austin Craichy

The Super Health Diet by Living Fuel Founder KC Craichy


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Click on the graphic above for a special Fox News story on the first FreeRide836 event, powered by Living Fuel.

The idea for kite boarding 50 miles from Miami to the Florida Keys in March started as a family mission trip to Guatemala. Mark Russell and his family were touched deeply by what they experienced in Guatemala and were motivated to do even more.

“My family realized we could no longer sit on the comfortable sidelines of life. We needed to make an impact, one child at a time,” Russell said. “We set a course to chart a new path that would aid in bringing the necessities of life to children like these. As an extreme sportsman, I was always able to ride to live, but now I was being called to ride togive.”  Russell’s goal is to raise $50,000 to build a self-sustaining home in Tanzania, Africa for 12 orphaned children. The target date for the first FreeRide836 event is a five-weekend window between March 1st and March 31st.

KC and Monica Craichy, Founders of Living Fuel, The Leader in Superfood Nutrition, are very pleased to be title sponsors for the event and their sons Kyle and Austin are scheduled to participate.  “Monica and I have been friends with FreeRide836 founders Mark and Tracey Russell for years,” Living Fuel CEO KC Craichy said. “When they told us about the event, where kite boarders from all walks of life would come together and ride 50 miles for the kids, we were thrilled to sign up as the title sponsor. It is such a wonderful and unusual event to raise awareness about the plight of orphans and to help raise the life-saving capital needed to put a roof over these precious little ones heads and food on their tables. It is such a blessing to minister to orphans!”

For more information on the event, visit www.freeride836.com.

Congratulations to Kyle and Austin Craichy and the Admiral Farragut Academy Blue Jackets

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You Made It To The Florida State High School Football Championship Game!

St. Petersburg, Florida – December 8, 2011 – The Admiral Farragut Academy Blue Jackets fought their way to the Florida State High School Football Championship Game by defeating Belle Glades Day School 42 to 16 last Friday. Admiral Farragut plays North Florida Christian in the Class 2A Finals this Friday. Game time is 1:06pm at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando.

Admiral Farragut is a powerhouse in Florida football with an overall 12-1-0 record for 2011. Their wins have been impressive all year with an average of 37.7 points per game, 193.8 rushing yards per game, and 121.2 passing yards per game.

Read the news release here!

LivingFuelTV: Be Inspired!

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Every day, we inspire children within our circle of influence by our example.  In turn, children often inspire us
to live a more healthy and whole life.

Take exercise, for example.  With limitless varieties of exercise to choose from, such as weight lifting, walking,
running, swimming, group fitness classes, and elliptical machines, just to name just a few, how do we choose
a program and get started?  And once we’ve begun, how do we stay motivated toward greater fitness goals? 
Let’s take a cue from the kids!

Today, on LivingFuelTV, meet 5-year-old Joshua and 15-year-old Austin.  They’ve teamed together and
developed a full-body flexibility routine that requires no equipment and minimal time.  Learn why flexibility
is so important for adults and children alike.  You’ll also see Joshua and Austin demonstrate and explain
their program and you’ll be amazed at Joshua’s flexibility.  We hope you’re inspired and encouraged to
create your own program at home.  The rules—start slowly, be safe, and have fun!

Click on the graphic below to watch.