KC Craichy SuperHealth Podcasts: How Boston Red Sox Outfielder JD Drew’s Family Uses LivingFuel

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Posted on 8th August 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC Craichy interviewed Boston Red Sox outfielder the summer after he won the All-Star MVP award in 2008. In this SuperHealth Podcast episode, JD shares how his wife and children use LivingFuel products to achieve Super Health!

Audio Transcription:

KC: Hello, I’m KC Craichy, Founder and CEO of Living Fuel, here with my friend, JD Drew. Welcome back, JD.

JD: Hey, brother.

KC: JD Drew is the right fielder for the Boston Red Sox. And we’re talking about super nutrition in baseball and in life. And in another segment, we talked about how Living Fuel worked for you in your athletics. Today, I want to turn a little bit to the family because I know it’s gone from you to Sheigh and to the kids.

JD: Right.

KC: So, how does that work?

JD: I think more than anything myself, as a career, I’ve used it. But I think as a father, the important thing is my family. I’m often on the field trying to perform, but the longevity of a baseball life is going to be 10 to 15 years at the most. I want to watch my kids grow healthy, watch my boy and girl have the benefits that I may not have had as a kid. Things have changed so much even from when I was little as far as nutrition, things that kids have available to them. As we started researching on how we were going to go through childbirth and all that stuff, my wife was on Living Fuel the whole time she was pregnant with Jack and Ella, and we were just in a situation where the best for our kids as parents, we could do for them would be great. Jack’s been on Living Fuel Greens from the time he was born really, just out of a bottle or a sippy cup and Ella is the same way. Now, they see me, and they’re drinking shakes. The thing that gets me is my son eats it in a bowl of applesauce, and I think I’ve often told you that I have no idea how he pulls this off, but we mix in about half a scoop of greens in a bowl of applesauce and he just downs it. It looked pretty good to me one day, so I thought I might try it but it didn’t quite taste …

KC: Wasn’t as good to you as it was to him.

JD: He loves it. But Sheigh is faithful in drinking it every morning. The kids, depending on what time of day it is, they’re eating bowls of applesauce with Living Fuel or shakes of Living Fuel. It’s been great.

KC: Now, my kids mix it in yogurt, and SuperBerryin yogurt is really very yummy. It’s delicious.

JD: Yeah, I tried Jack on SuperBerry, but for whatever reason he likes the Greens.

KC: He’s a real man.

JD: Yeah, he’s a real man. I guess when he was little we said, “Hey, we’re not going to give him any extra fruit. We’ll make him eat these first”, and he loves it. But yogurt is a great idea because the kids love it, and I think that would be a definite option for people that, for whatever reason Jack just loves the applesauce. I think I talked to you and said, “Hey throw it in a little bit of applesauce every now and then, and it’s just a breakfast of champions.

KC: Breakfast of champions.

JD: Not for me, but for Jack it works well.

KC: That’s awesome. You know, that’s interesting, because every taste is a learned experience other than sugar. People talk about their kids not eating their spinach and all that sort of thing, so when you start them the way you started them, you actually create a palate enjoying things that are good for them.

JD: I can see that as my kids have gotten older. I can absolutely tell that because certain things that they’ve tried the first time they’ve hated, and then they try again and it’s just that acquired taste. We started Jack with Greens early just to, we knew the benefits of that, and because of that, he still to this day will get up and we’ll say, “Hey, Jack, what do you want for dinner?” “I’ll just have applesauce and Living Fuel.” For a kid to ask that it makes me proud because I know that the nutrition that he’s getting is absolutely tremendous for him.

KC: That’s awesome. You like guacamole right?

JD: My wife eats it. My acquired taste for guacamole is not very …

KC: Hasn’t got there yet. Well, if you like guacamole, if you put green Fuel in guacamole, you cannot taste the Fuel at all.

JD: Is that right?

KC: You can actually make a whole meal out of it. It’s kind of cool.

JD: I can definitely do that, because my wife and my son will tear that stuff up.

KC: OK. Well, give that a try.

JD: Absolutely.

KC: Well, JD, thanks for sharing. And it’s always a pleasure to have you here.

JD: You got it, bro.

KC: God bless you. Well, here’s to your super health.