KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: Is Diabetes Reversible? Part 2

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Posted on 28th February 2012 by admin in Health Alerts |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Diabetes can be a devastating diagnosis. Do you know …

… the distinction between pre-diabetes, type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and type 3 diabetes?
… that type 1 diabetes accounts for 5% of diagnoses, and is a condition not resulting from diet or lifestyle?
… the role insulin plays in diabetes?
… how important our lifestyle and food choices in preventing a type 2 diabetes diagnosis in the first place?
… steps you can take today to reverse diabetes or prevent from becoming a diabetic statistic?

The answers to these questions, coupled with some very practical tips you’ll learn today could literally save your life.

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Holiday Health Challenge Tip!

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Posted on 6th December 2011 by admin in Holiday Health Challenge

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Benefits of Low Glycemic Response Foods

• Cause a smaller, more gradual rise in blood glucose levels after meals.
• Help you to stay full longer.
• Can improve the body’s sensitivity to insulin.
• Can improve blood sugar control in diabetics.
• Help people lose and control weight.
• Reduce blood cholesterol levels.
• Prolong physical endurance and help refuel carbohydrate stores after exercise.

To Reduce the Negative Effect of High GI Foods in a Meal

• Eat high quality fiber, protein, and fats along with GI foods. Include low GI foods such as eggs, meat, or berries.
• Add vinaigrette or other acidic extras, such as lemon juice.
• Cook with or add some extra olive oil or coconut oil.

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