Re-Thinking the Egg-Cholesterol Connection

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Posted on 25th April 2013 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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On the recent LivingFuelTV episode, Is Your Omelet Toxic? we explored how to prepare a super healthy omelet at home or at your favorite restaurant, with the objective of preserving the myriad of health benefits of whole organic eggs.

You may be asking now: Won’t whole eggs skyrocket my cholesterol?

While whole eggs are relatively high in naturally-occurring cholesterol, you may be surprised to learn the total level of cholesterol in the body compared to that in your three-egg veggie omelet.  You’ll discover in today’s episode if this is a real concern.  KC Craichy will also reveal the real culprit behind elevated cholesterol levels and practical, powerful tips to naturally lower cholesterol.

Click on the graphic below to watch and forward this episode to a friend or family member that is battling elevated cholesterol levels.

KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcast: Cholesterol Myth and Fact

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Posted on 10th October 2012 by admin in Health Alerts |Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Cholesterol, the modern health villain, is actually a naturally-occurring lipid (fat) that is absorbed by the body from your diet and also naturally produced in the liver.  Cholesterol circulates in the blood system and is critical to life.  Perhaps you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with “high” cholesterol and immediately prescribed a cholesterol-lowering medication to assist your body in reducing your total cholesterol to under 200 mg/dL or other target.  HDL cholesterol is often referred to as “good” cholesterol and LDL as “bad”, but is cholesterol really good and bad?

Today in our SuperHealth Podcast, join me as we discuss what cholesterol does in the body and present straight forward strategies to help manage cholesterol levels.  In reality, the cholesterol in your body may be doing you more good than harm.  Once again, let’s re-think conventional wisdom and the pharmaceutical approach to health.

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