Scientists Recommend Antioxidants to Protect Lungs From the Flu

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Posted on 17th November 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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A new study explains how antioxidants can protect your lungs from flu-related damage. “The recent outbreak of H1N1 influenza and the rapid spread of this strain across the world highlights the need to better understand how this virus damages the lungs and to find new treatments,” said Sadis Matalon, co-author of the study. “Additionally, our research shows that antioxidants may prove beneficial in the treatment of flu.”

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Antioxidants May Combat Influenza Virus

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Posted on 13th November 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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If you’ve had the flu, you know about the concern of liquid building up in your lungs. A new study shows that antioxidants can help fight the flu and its potential damaging effects.

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Antioxidants Could Offer Protection to the Lungs During Flu Season

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Posted on 3rd November 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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A report published in the November 2009 issue of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) Journal revealed the discovery of researchers at the University of Alabama and Southern Research Institute in Birmingham of a protective effect for antioxidants against lung damage caused by the influenza virus.

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Surviving Halloween

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Posted on 29th October 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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Dear Living Fuel Family,

It’s that time of year again, the time that most children love and many parents cringe over: Halloween.

Even if you are not a fan of this holiday, you can use Halloween’s usual candy-fest as a “sweet” opportunity to teach your children lessons in health and nutrition.

CBS Reveals that Swine Flu Cases Seriously Overestimated

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Posted on 24th October 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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CBS News released a report this week that contradicts statements made by the Centers for Disease Control about the number of Swine Flu cases . Read more here.

Flu Vaccine Update!

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Posted on 15th October 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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One of the most disturbing news items about the flu vaccine this Fall is the sad story about a woman in Washington D.C. who became very ill soon after receiving this year’s seasonal flu shot. Read this article from NBC in Washington and be sure to watch the video interview with Desiree Jennings and her husband.

Other news concerning the flu vaccine comes to us from Canada. Helen Braswell, Health Journalist for The Canadian Press, wrote:

“Unpublished Canadian data are raising concerns about whether it’s a good idea to get a seasonal flu shot this season.

Drawn from a series of studies from British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario, the data appear to suggest that people who got a seasonal flu shot last year are about twice as likely to catch swine flu as people who didn’t.

A scientific paper has been submitted to a journal and the lead authors – Dr. Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control and Dr. Gaston De Serres of Laval University – won’t speak to the media. Journals bar would-be authors from discussing their results publicly before they go through peer review.

While few people appear to have actually seen or read the study, the puzzling findings have been a poorly kept secret and many in the public health community in Canada have heard about them.”

You can read the entire article at this website.