LivingFuel SuperEssentials Omega 3EDA+: What, Why, and How

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Posted on 2nd June 2014 by admin in Super Health

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What is it?  Why do I need it?  How do I use it? 
In today’s special video message, join Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy as they answer the top questions about LivingFuel SuperEssentials® Omega 3EDA+, the powerful supplement that only Living Fuel could make.  Studies abound on the critical importance of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and the protective power of Vitamin D to good health. 

SuperEssentials Omega 3EDA+ is a harmonious blend of Omega-3, GLA, ultra-pure fish oils, full-spectrum Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and astaxanthin.


Click on the graphic below to watch and learn more:


Product Spotlight: SuperEssentials Omega 3EDA+ Astaxanthin

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Posted on 6th May 2013 by admin in Product Spotlight |Super Health

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Here at Living Fuel, we continue to strive to provide you with unparalleled cutting-edge nutritional products.

LivingFuel SuperEssentials® Omega 3EDA+ Astaxanthin is the world’s most sophisticated Omega-3 supplement, but it’s far more than fish oil!  While it does contain ultra-pure fish oils in their natural triglyceride form, it also contains protective Omega-6 GLA from borage seed oil, the powerful antioxidants Vitamin D and Vitamin A, full-spectrum Vitamin E, and the super powerful carotenoid Astaxanthin.  SuperEssentials Omega is the perfect complement to Living Fuel’s functional superfoods and the ideal supplement for the entire family.

To learn more, click on the special video below with Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy explaining the all-important whatwhy, and how of SuperEssentials Omega.

And for even more, click here to learn more, and you’ll discover recent episodes of LivingFuelTV on the powerful effects of Omega-3 for you and your family’s good health.

Omega 3EDA+ Astaxanthin