KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: What’s For Dinner?

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Posted on 6th April 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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It’s been our aim in the SuperHealth Podcasts mealtime series to encourage you to ask “What’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?” well in advance of these meals. This foresight can yield huge benefits to your nutrition, performance, sleep, and overall wellness. Impart these fundamental lessons to your children and involve them in meal preparation and they’ll take this knowledge with them for a lifetime!

We’ve discussed the importance of breakfast in the popular episode Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life!, then turned our attention to lunch in What’s For Lunch? Today, we sit down to dinner and look at how to craft the perfect dinner menu. Also, you’ll discover the perfect (and vital) companion to that big dinner salad.

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