KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: The Mosquito Flu? Vaccines or Natural Immunity

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Posted on 7th September 2011 by admin in Health Alerts |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC Craichy shares insights into how flu vaccines are developed each year and the best thing you can do to protect yourself and your family during flu season.

Audio Transcription:

Welcome to LivingFuelTV. I’m KC Craichy bringing an important health alert.

Imagine with me for a moment there are 1,000 different types of disease carrying mosquitoes in the world that migrate throughout the world in different places and different times, and these mosquitoes are mutating into different types of mosquitoes at all times. So a group of scientists get together and they decide, and mathematicians, they decide together that there are three mosquitoes that are likely to be in your area a year from now during the mosquito epidemic. And so they come with a repellent that you can wear that’s going to protect you against those three. Does that really sound like protection?

As absurd as that sounds, this is how the flu vaccine is developed each and every year. Each year, scientists and mathematicians get together using information from the World Health Organization and other sources to try to determine the three most likely flu viruses that are going to be in your area out of hundreds, if not thousands of constantly mutating viruses. The mathematical probability of a flu vaccine protecting you from the flu is extraordinarily low, even if the viruses didn’t mutate and make the old virus irrelevant. So the point I want to make you today is there’s a lot of pressure in the media right now, and we have put out letters to the editor more than you can imagine because they’re presenting the conventional side of the argument. Get your flu shot early to protect yourself from the possible death caused by the flu.

Now folks, people have been getting the flu since the beginning of time, and surely people with weaker immunity are the ones that are at greater risk. But we did a show a while back called Super Immunity that really shows you how to use things like Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, minimizing sugar, getting the proper rest, enhancing your lifestyle, cleaning up your lifestyle. Come back and watch it if you haven’t seen it and learn how to protect yourself naturally. The main purpose of this is don’t succumb to the fear tactics of getting your flu vaccine early. If you get the flu vaccine, make it because you did your own research and made a determination that it is right for you.

So hopefully, this is helpful to you. We’re going to post a lot of information to make the research easy for you. God bless you and have a great day.