SuperHealth Challenge Tip!

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Posted on 6th March 2012 by admin in Super Health

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Next to water, protein is the most plentiful substance in the body, and most protein molecules (around 60 to 70 percent) are located in the skeletal muscles. Unlike fat and glucose, our body has little capacity to store protein. If we stop eating protein, our body will begin to break down muscle tissue for its protein needs within a day or so.

KC Craichy
The Super Health Diet

Arthritis Shouldn’t Put End To Exercise

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Posted on 13th January 2010 by admin in Health Alerts

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Arthritis is no reason to stop exercising because without physical activity joints become less mobile and muscles shrink, a U.S. newsletter says. Mayo Clinic Women’s HealthSource says achy joints should not put the kibosh on exercise and they warn in a statement “it hurts more when you stop.”

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