LivingFuelTV: Get Fit, Flexible and Fast – 1+1=3

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Posted on 16th September 2010 by admin in LivingFuelTV

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Dear Living Fuel Family,

We all have in common twenty-four hours in our day. For those of us who spend some of this valuable and finite time exercising, it’s important that we address how we fuel these efforts. Nutrition plays a key role in the success of any fitness program — from the intense regimens of professional golfer Trevor Immelman or Olympic great Dara Torres, to the busy stay-at-home mom in pilates class, to the sophomore on the high school tennis team. Everyone can couple fitness with nutrition and see exponential benefits. In other words, 1+1=3. And this principle applies to us all — from the world-class athlete to the health-challenged.

Today on LivingFuelTV, we’re joined again by elite performance coach Dave Herman. Learn three critical factors to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts and how recovery is as important as the number of repetitions you complete or the number of miles you log.

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Here’s to your Super Health!

KC Craichy
Founder & CEO
Living Fuel, Inc.

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