Is Your Cell Phone Dangerous?

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Posted on 24th September 2009 by admin in Health Alerts

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Did you Know?
  • More than 200 million Americans use a cell phone every day
  • An estimated 4 billion people use cell phones worldwide
  • Many doctors and health researchers believe radiation from cell phones can cause cancer
  • Some believe the cancer risk from cell phone usage could be as dangerous as smoking
  • The U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee heard testimony just last week as part of its probe into potential links between cell phone use and cancer 
This is an important subject to all of us.  Cell phones and computers are a reality (and have become a necessity) in today’s world.  I use my cell phones and computers daily, and most likely you do, too.
Electronic devices such as these emit electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) – radiation that, at high levels, can be environmental hazards.  As with all hazards, we need to learn how to minimize our exposure to them and protect ourselves from them.  Science tells us that every living and non-living thing has a natural electromagnetic frequency level.  You’ve seen the video of a wine glass shattered by a high pitch sound – a high frequency.  In the same way, there are external frequency levels that have the potential to harm you, such as the EMFs we are discussing today.
Today, we’ll focus on the cell phone models you and your family are using and how much radiation they are producing.  Next week, we’ll give you keys to minimizing exposure and protecting yourself.
Our friends at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) just published an insightful report on cell phone radiation.  They studied and tested over 1,000 cell phones currently on the market.  They also report the best (and worst) cell phones tested and publish a practical guide to reduce cell phone radiation exposure.
Click on the graphic below to see how your cell phone tested!
Click here to read the EWG’s full report.
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