LivingFuel HealthAlert: Reversing Radiation Damage

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Posted on 4th February 2011 by admin in Health Alerts |LivingFuelTV

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Dear Living Fuel Family,
Over the past two weeks on LivingFuelTV, we’ve explored the radiation effect of airport scanners, airline travel and even the ambient radiation we are exposed to over the course of our lives at ground level.  While the impact of airport scanner radiation appears to be negligible, the effects of medical radiation and extensive air travel over a lifetime may have significant consequences to your and your family’s good health.  While you cannot “undo” a CT scan or x-ray from last week or several years ago, you can take practical steps to help your body heal any damage that may have resulted and minimize your risk of developing cancer.  This is the important subject of our LivingFuelTV episode today.
Click on the graphic below to watch. 
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