KC Craichy SuperHealth Podcast: Reversing Radiation

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Posted on 22nd July 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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We’ve often explored the radiation effect of airport scanners, airline travel and even the ambient radiation we are exposed to over the course of our lives at ground level.  While the impact of airport scanner radiation appears to be negligible, the effects of medical radiation and extensive air travel over a lifetime may have significant consequences to your and your family’s good health.  While you cannot “undo” a CT scan or x-ray from last week or several years ago, you can take practical steps to help your body heal any damage that may have resulted and minimize your risk of developing cancer.  This is the important subject of our SuperHealth Podcast episode today.

Here’s to your Super Health!

KC Craichy

Audio Transcription

Welcome to Living Fuel TV. I’m KC Craichy. Recently, we’ve done shows on the amount of radiation in airport scanners, which we compare to two to four minutes of airline travel, which begged the question from you, “Well, how much radiation am I getting on an airliner?” So, then we did a show on how much radiation you’re getting on an airliner. Then, the obvious question came back to us, now it’s obvious, that, “Okay, I’ve been a frequent flier for 30 years. I’ve done long haul trips most of the time. I’ve had excess medical radiation. I’m a woman. I’ve had 20 mammograms over a lifetime. I’ve had tons of x-rays. I’ve had multiple CT scans. I’ve had exposure to radiation. So, what do I do?” The biggest risk in radiation is some form of cancer, some form of DNA damage that causes a problem in this generation or is passed down to the next generation. So, what do I do if I’m one of these people is the question.

The answer to that is if you have had excess radiation from multiple sources, then it’s time to treat it as an emergency, as an emergency change to your lifestyle. The lifestyle we’re talking about is really the one that we advocate here all the time, lower calorie, more nutrient density, higher broad spectrum antioxidants in the forms of fruits and vegetables and in supplements. Also, increase of the healthy fats like fish oil and those sort of things. It’s also avoiding the things that you know are unhealthy, the things that when you eat it when you’re with someone you say, “I don’t usually eat this, but…” Those are the things you probably ought to consider not having, that your lifestyle now is extremely healthy diet of mostly raw or lightly steamed vegetables and a really clean protein source. You want to minimize the animal fats from animals that have been raised with hormones and antibiotics in a fast factory farm sort of way. Increase the fatty fish. Increase the vegetables of all kinds.

This new lifestyle will yield many, many benefits. But we know for instance omega-3 has shown to reduce the risk of many cancers, a substantial like 75% reduction. We know vitamin D, the same thing. Resveratrol, there are so many things we know that minimize cancer risk. So, these are the things that if I were you I would suggest that you concentrate on. Concentrate on cleaning up the diet, passing on the airline food, passing on the airport food, learning to travel with super foods like Living Fuel. You take it in powder. Take it in its Blender Bottle. When it comes time to eat, pass on the airline food and pour water on your shaker, shake it and drink it. You now have had the most nutritious meal that you’ve ever had versus one that was going to be extremely destructive to you.

These are the kinds of things that can help you have a life of super health and overcome. Remember, a probability of cancer does not mean that you have cancer. It means that you have a higher likelihood. So, minimize the likelihood through these techniques we talked about and many others that we write a bout, we do shows about.

We sure hope this has been helpful to you. God bless you and have a great day.

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