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Posted on 25th July 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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The Health Ranger Mike Adams interviews KC Craichy, Founder & CEO of Living Fuel, Inc., and his wife Monica about SuperFood Nutrition and how it will change your life.

Audio Transcription

Mike: Welcome, everyone, to the Natural News Show. I’m your host, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Today, joining me in the studio, is the Founder of a company that makes the very best super food product, a whole food based super food meal that our readers are raving about. Welcome to the show today, here are KC Craichy and his wife Monica. Thanks for joining me today, KC. It’s great to have you on the show.

KC: Thanks for having us.

Mike: Now, how did you get started in this company? It’s been so successful. You’ve had so much interest in your products, and yet, you don’t necessarily have a background in natural foods. But you had a transformation that got you going in this industry. How did that happen?

KC: Well it started out that I was an overweight kid and early adult, and figuring that piece of it out. But then Monica’s story is really that she was Miss Florida and then she was Miss Florida U.S.A., and competed, both Miss America and Miss U.S.A., and got third runner up and first in swimsuit at Miss U.S.A. I’m telling you this because she was the picture of health. A short time later we were married, and she came down with panic attacks, suicidal thoughts, and clinical depression and the doctors were literally making it worse. So, we want to mention that the drugs were not the way. We figured that out in just a couple of weeks, frankly. So, I basically made a decision at that point I was going to dive in the literature, and I was not coming out without an answer.

Mike: So, this product was the answer to help solve Monica’s health challenges?

KC: Initially, I thought clinical nutrition was the answer. It was going to be “the” answer. But it turns out that there are other elements that go along with that that bring it all into light. So, in my book, “Super Health“, I talk about the seven areas that we discovered in the literature that were so founded in the literature that really proved her to be deficient in all of them in retrospect. Clinical nutrition is a hugely important piece of that.

Mike: Then, were you able to get off of all prescription medications then?

Monica: Yes, finally. We did it for about maybe, I don’t know, two or three weeks, and we knew that that wasn’t the way to go. But, like KC said, in retrospect, I was completely deficient in all seven areas.

Mike: That was six years ago, you said?

KC: That was 14 years ago.

Monica: Yeah.

Mike: 14 years?

Monica: Yeah.

Mike: Now, since then, Living Fuel has grown to be the leading superfood nutrition company in North America. That’s an incredible achievement.

KC: It is. When you’re mission is to change lives, and our mission first was to change Monica’s life back to normal, and so these foods all follow the parameters that we learned in the literature. But at the end of the day, we built it in my kitchen over a year’s period of time. When we finished, it was tremendous and we told a few people about it. Before that year was over, it was in every state in the United States.

Mike: That’s a great lesson, and I just want to show those watching, if you do have a health challenge, it’s really important to find the answers yourself. Inform yourself. Empower yourself. KC and his wife Monica created an entire company out of finding their own solutions here through Living Fuel. You may be able to find your own solutions, and this may be part of your solution. But even if it isn’t, keep educating yourself. Now, what are you doing right now on livingfuel.com to keep people empowered and educated beyond just this product?

KC: Well, we focus on the areas of peak performance, diabetic revitalization, family health, and weight optimization. So, most people can find themselves into one of those categories in one way or another. But when you follow super food nutrition, which is what we came up with, we call it “the four corners of super food nutrition”, it’s a tremendous impact. The literature is very clear. If you cut the calories, but max out the nutrients, you’re going to extend life, delay disease, enhance performance, optimize weight, all the things we would look for “in the fountain of youth”.

Mike: Right.

KC: But Americans don’t like to be hungry, as you well know. I mean, the caloric intake of America has increased by 25% over the last decade alone.

Mike: But isn’t it true that a lot of that hunger is driven by the fact that so many people are eating too many calories and not enough nutrition? They’re empty foods. I noticed that when I started using your product, that I felt full on a lot less food quantity.

KC: Right. So, people think that they have to carbo load. That’s a tired theory in athletics, for instance. People even believe that in their own lives, that they could carbo load for breakfast, for instance, and make it to lunch. I always say carbo loading is like filling the gas tank. Then, when it’s totally full, you roll down the back window and fill the backseat. Your body has no capacity to deal with that.

Mike: Right.

KC: Then, you say that we have two-thirds of America is overweight, some significantly overweight. So, what I found was that obviously people don’t want to be hungry, but I was looking into this. 2,000 research studies say that this theory, cutting the calories but bumping up the nutrients, is going to change lives. But now, the argument is not whether or not it works, because 2,000 studies say it does work. Their argument now is, why does it work? One group of scientists says, “Well, less food equals less glycemic response. Therefore, less glycemic response is the reason low calorie works.” They’ve proven it in studies, they’ve done 150% of the calories, in a low glycemic form, like greens instead of grains and shown similar results to the low calorie way. So, the other half of the scientists says, “No, the reason it works is less food equals less oxidation, less combustion in the body. Therefore, less food equals less oxidation or higher antioxidants.” One of those two is the reason low calorie restriction works. They’ve proven that in studies.

Mike: Right.

KC: Then, the last little piece of it was that the right oils, the right fats, the right fatty acids combined with the right antioxidants will extend life, delay disease, and enhance performance, and all those things, all by itself without another change to your diet. So, the revelation I had was, you put all four of those together, which we call “the four corners of super food nutrition”, and it’s highly impactful. It really does amazing things.

Mike: I think highly impactful is an understatement. From what I’ve heard from my readers, this has transformed their lives in tremendous ways, helped people overcome chronic degenerative disease. I have a question for you, Monica. Do you drink this every day for breakfast? Or how do you use these products in your own life?

Monica: It’s really a staple. Now we have five children, and KC and myself, we all take at least one fuel shake a day. We’re always doing the oils everyday as well, at least that. But I find myself having maybe two or three of the CocoChia bars as well, because it’s the healthy fats. The thing about our products is it’s the maximum nutrition per calorie.

KC: Exactly. Monica: It’s nutrient density, so you don’t really have to have a ton of calories. But the calories that we do eat are just crammed with nutrition.

Mike: Absolutely. That’s why I bring your products when I travel, as I am here. I have your product in my hotel room, and that’s what I’m drinking every day. Well, we’re about out of time for this segment, but I want to remind you to check out the website for Living Fuel, which is www.livingfuel.com. Check out the Living Fuel original formula, which is a greens formula. They have a super berry formula, and they have a healthy oils product, called Super Essentials, which I strongly recommend. Check that out. Maybe we’ll get a chance to talk about that later. Thank you both for joining me on the show today.

Monica: Thank you.

Mike: It’s been a real pleasure to have you both on.

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