KC Craichy SuperHealth Podcast: Healthy Weight Optimization

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Posted on 25th July 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Living Fuel’s Healthy Weight Optimization thru Superfood Nutrition, CocoChia bars, healthy fats, secret is reduce calories, choose nutrient dense foods, exercise, let your body optimize itself. The Health Ranger Mike Adams interviews KC Craichy, Founder & CEO of Living Fuel, and his wife Monica.

Audio Transcription

Mike: Welcome to Natural News. I’m your host Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. Thanks for joining me today. Are you curious about weight optimization programs or strategies that really work? A lot of people have tried so-called weight loss products and I notice that a lot of people are consuming meal replacement products that are positioned as weight loss products but they’re made mostly with sugar. That doesn’t make any sense. Well, today in the studio I have a guest who’s going to explain to us a better strategy for weight optimization. He’s KC Craichy, the founder of Livingfuel.com. It’s a company that has a product line that helps people optimize and maintain healthy weight. Thanks for joining me in the studio KC, and you’re wife Monica’s here. Thank you both.

KC: Essentially, we got into weight optimization sort of a consequence of what we were doing. We’re into super food nutrition and we found that it applied to peak performance, weight optimization, family health and diabetic revitalization. So, that is really our area of focus. We’ve given people that were overweight and people that were underweight the exact same program and the result was the underweight people come up and the overweight people optimized their lean body mass. So, it’s interesting how when you give the body what it needs amazing results happen like weight optimization, and that’s where I would call it weight optimization. So, essentially we came up with a program that was for maximum weight optimization called the LivingFuel Fast. Now, this is great for detox or for just really a radical change in energy levels and health overall. But essentially, our whole meal super food you can take for a whole meal, as you know, as we have already today and we’re going to probably for the rest of the day. So, you have a whole meal super food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for as long as you want to go. We usually say three to seven days to start with, just to give yourself some confidence. The results are increased energy, weight optimization, all the things you really want, energy levels. In fact, we tell people the last place they ought to go to get in shape is the gym. I mean, get your metabolism on track and your body will carry you to the gym with the extra energy that you have.

Mike: That’s right. You still advocate exercise.

KC: Oh, it’s huge.

Monica: Oh, absolutely.

Mike: It’s in junction with this.

KC: Essentially, because the FDA and FTC say the only proven way to lose weight is cut the calories and exercise. Well, guess what? We agree with that except you’ve got to cut the calories while maxing out the nutrients and that’s really the key to it. So, we have a system, where you have these for every meal plus you eat healthy fats. You eat certain nuts. So, you eat coconut, or CocoChia bars, which are our bars, ideal along the meal time and then you have essential fats and oxidants, central fatty acids. That combination is the most powerful weight optimization program I’ve ever seen. In fact, many people just do a two meal a day fast. It could be breakfast and dinner, or breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner, two meals a day with this system and then doing a sensible meal another way.

Mike: Now, both of you look like you have a really healthy weight. I know, Monica, in a previous life so to speak, you were Miss Florida, correct?

Monica: Right.

Mike: You managed to maintain a healthy weight well beyond those years. Do you attribute that to Living Fuel, or what’s your lifestyle?

Monica: I absolutely do and we have five children, so I’ve born five babies. So, I would really give the credit to Living Fuel because I have at least one shake a day with our oils and then the CocoChia bars. It’s really my foundation.

KC: We don’t want to make claims. The point of the matter is if you cut the calories, you max out the nutrients, you reduce the glycemic response, increase the antioxidants and get healthy fats your weight is going to go where it should go. It could be up. It could be down. I notice a lot of people are cutting calories, but they’re still eating a lot of processed foods. I’ve got to tell you folks, that is not the way to lose weight. You cannot lose weight on just junk foods, processed foods. If you look at many of the weight loss products out there, they don’t provide the nutrients that your products provide and the snack foods.

Mike: Let’s talk about your bars, the CocoChia bars. Here you have a nutrient dense format that is a convenient food that people can take with them to work or even when traveling. Now, talk about some of these.

KC: CocoChia bars are sustained energy bars as opposed to quick energy bars. We know the quick crash that comes from… Most energy bars are simply candy bars disguised as energy bars.

Mike: You mean you have something against high fructose corn syrup?

KC: Well, you know…

Mike: What’s the deal?

KC: …some things are worth dying for but you have to figure out what that is. But anyway, the point is that if you have the right fats you can really radically change your health even if you don’t do anything else, so coconut, chia seed for omega-3, almond or power fat. So, we have a healthy fats and fiber bar. In fact, every CocoChia has twice the fiber as a bowl of oatmeal, and it’s delicious.

Mike: Yes, they are delicious. Now, in our nation today, we have two- thirds of our population that is overweight, one-third considered clinically obese. We obviously have an obesity epidemic in the United States today. Do you think this problem could be solved or mostly solved just by a nutritional approach with some exercise?

KC: Well, no question about it. We know that that is the answer. You cut the calories, increase the nutrients and exercise. That is the prescription for success.

Monica: But I think, too, when people are losing weight or they’re on a weight loss program, they don’t want to feel hungry.

KC: Yes.

Monica: That’s the thing about our products, that if you have full shake and you have a CocoChia bar that should sustain people…

KC: For six hours.

Monica: …for four to six hours, yeah.

KC: Yes, some people are…

Mike: Absolutely. One thing I’ve noticed about hunger is that many people who complain of feeling hungry, they are deficient in nutrients.

KC: Yes.

Mike: So, when you get the nutrients in, even the trace minerals that are in your products, then the hunger naturally balances itself. I mean it can take 30 days sometimes to get there. But doesn’t have to – you don’t have to feel hungry all the time.

Monica: It didn’t get there. Yeah.

KC: I’ve heard many people say, “Listen, I get hungry in two and a half hours after your product.” Then a month later they say, “Well, now it lasts me half a day.”

Mike: So, sustained energy and high nutrient density, those are the keys right?

KC: Those are the keys.

Mike: All right, well it sounds like you have a fantastic formulation. Thank you both for sharing your thoughts with us, here today on Natural News.

Monica: Thanks for having us.

Mike: You’re quite welcome. Folks thanks for joining us, here today, on Natural News. Be sure to check out the website livingfuel.com to learn more about these products including the CocoChia bars and the Living Fuel super food powders. You can read the ingredients on that website as well. Thanks for joining me today. It’s been a pleasure having you the show. Stay informed, stay empowered. We’ll talk to again soon.

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