KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: John Peterson’s Seven Tiger Moves

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Posted on 31st August 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC Craichy talks with strength expert John Peterson about how to increase your strength through natural exercises.

Audio Transcription

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KC Craichy: Welcome to Living Fuel TV. I’m KC Craichy with special guest, John Peterson. John, welcome back.

John Peterson: Yeah, great to be here.

KC Craichy: It’s been a fun series with you.

John Peterson: It has been great, truly.

KC Craichy: For those of you who haven’t tuned in, I recommend that you go back and look at some of the previous segments with John because it’s fascinating information. Leading-edge fitness for anybody, whether you’re a housewife, a student, a student athlete, a pro athlete, whatever. This stuff is do-able, John.

John Peterson: It’s do-able, yes.

KC Craichy: It’s fascinating to watch some of the things that you can do that, you know, as I say, mere mortals can’t always do some of the things that you do, and John, you’re 57 years old. You’re fit. You’re just. . .

John Peterson: Twenty-five from the neck down.

KC Craichy: Actually, exactly.


KC Craichy: Well, you’re extremely fit. You know, super fit we call it.

John Peterson: Thank you.

KC Craichy: We have a lot of athletes that we encounter that are super fit into their late, you know, 40s, but, I mean, John you’re 57. You’re maintaining the super fit status. What is your routine.

John Peterson: You know, the one thing I want to mentioned right here, though. KC, the big key is you have to do exercise that strengthens the muscles but protects the joints. Protecting the joints, tendons and ligaments, I can’t emphasize that enough. There’s a big component to that. I know you weren’t expecting me to bring this up now, but it’s Living Fuel. You’ve got to give your body the nutrients it needs to rebuild. If you don’t, exercise will only diminish your life force. If you don’t give your joints, tendons and ligaments the fuel they need to rebuild, guess what? You’ll be in a wheelchair before long.

KC Craichy: Well, you’re not going to find any more agreement than me on that.

John Peterson: Well, I know that.

KC Craichy: Most of our people viewing will agree with you, and that is critically important. We know that you can speed recovery by, you know, as much as 30-50% with the right nutrition.

John Peterson: Right nutrients.

KC Craichy: You’ve got to fuel the body. It’s so, so important.

John Peterson: Now what we’re talking about, though, is naturally strengthening the body, OK? In fact, think about this. The way God created the human body was to strengthen it through using it, right?

KC Craichy: Yes.

John Peterson: That’s what our muscles were intended to do, was to move our bodies. So, if we isolate the, use them individually, rather than centergistically, as we’ll be showing people how to do, we are going against the natural function and use of the body. Does this make sense to you? This translation?

KC Craichy: Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. You know, again, you’re, as I say, 57, and there are a lot of leading edge trainers that have arrived at that also now.

John Peterson: Oh, there is a lot more body weight being taught these days.

KC Craichy: Body weight and also non-isolation methods.

John Peterson: Yes. One of my favorite exercises, for instance, is pull ups. As you can see . . .

KC Craichy: Wow!

John Peterson: Yeah. Well, pull ups and using the pull up bar, a natural exercise. It exercises almost every muscle in the entire upper body. Great, great exercise.

KC Craichy: Well, you know, in my book, I have the Seven Tiger Moves I learned from you.

John Peterson: Yes.

KC Craichy: I have the super man wheel push up which we’ll try to demonstrate here.

John Peterson: Yes.

KC Craichy: And then we have the bridge, all of which I think are hugely important. Anybody can do those exercises, with the exception of super man wheel. Not many people can do that. The bridge is kind of tricky, too.

John Peterson: Well, they can build up to it.

KC Craichy: Yeah. That’s the one thing we are going to show our viewers at some point is how you go, because you know, John, you do how many sets of 30 pull ups?

John Peterson: Five to seven, sometimes eight.

KC Craichy: OK, five to seven. There are not many people watching, even at the pro athlete level, that can do that, John. So, we have to figure out how to get them there. Let’s just talk about this morning. You came last night. You woke up this morning. What was your workout this morning before I took you down to the gym to show you mine?

John Peterson: OK, well. I did my standard, which is 500 push ups, seven sets of 77. In between those sets I did some dynamic tension exercises from the transformetrics training system.

KC Craichy: Seven sets of 77 push ups plus isometrics.

John Peterson: Right, OK.

KC Craichy: How long did that take you?

John Peterson: Well, let’s see here. The whole workout this morning took me a little less than an hour, but I was doing the push ups, I did 300 tiger bend squats, I did 100 tiger stretch push ups, I did 100 sit ups, 100 full range leg raises, a few other exercises, neck exercises. I really did the whole body, and I did it in less than an hour.

KC Craichy: There wasn’t even any noise back there, John. No huffing and puffing. No screaming.


John Peterson: I contained the screaming part of it.

KC Craichy: So, what do you do if you’re home, because that was when you were on the road.

John Peterson: OK, now, when I’m home, a lot of times that’s when I integrate the pull ups into the training system, and I don’t do as much of some exercises, and I do more of those. The thing I like to do is emphasize something different every day.

KC Craichy: Change it up.

John Peterson: Change it up every day.

KC Craichy: That is really funny you’ve been doing that for such a long time and . . .

John Peterson: We were talking about intervals, right?

KC Craichy: Yes.

John Peterson: I think interval training, like I saw you doing this morning on the heavy bag, and I felt sorry for that heavy bag when you were done, but the heavy bag and the sprint interval that I saw you do, those two things, those are cross training. I mean, that’s the kind of effect people need, especially for their ticker.

KC Craichy: They are really into the interval training. It doesn’t have to be just sprints. Like I was saying yesterday, I did a 2.2 mile run in which I did, let’s see, I did eight 40 yard sprints within the 2 mile run, and then came back and did my boxing rounds of eight rounds of the boxing flurries.

John Peterson: You pounded on that bag like that for eight rounds?

KC Craichy: Yes.

John Peterson: Wow! Wow!

KC Craichy: So the point is simply that there are different ways to get the interval.

John Peterson: In fact, I think you enhance the effectiveness by mixing and matching the different ways. If you do just one thing, the body adapts, and after a while you’ll still be getting benefit, but not like you did when you were first adapting to it.

KC Craichy: Yeah. I really like the seven tiger moves that are in my book, Super Health.

John Peterson: Yes.

KC Craichy: I mean, they’re in your book, and they’re your . . .

John Peterson: Their foundational. Obviously, I did those between exercises this morning, too.

KC Craichy: I found it’s interesting, though, even the muscles recover. There are a lot of studies that show if you do one exercise a month to the right level that you actually get gains month to month. So, the body, over a long period of time, can recover, particularly as people age. I found it’s very interesting that if you take one tiger move a day for seven days, and you do it all day long, every time you think about it you do that particular tiger move, that’s your day for that tiger move. . .

John Peterson: Are you saying you do it over . . .

KC Craichy: . . . And you do it over seven days you’re going to be really healthy doing that, and you talk about interval training. I’m doing the bag or the sprinter or sprinting on the beach, but you can do it with push ups.

John Peterson: You sure can.

KC Craichy: You can do the interval training with push ups, the way you do it with the tiger push ups, you can do it with the tiger moves. I have had some of you watching right now who thought I was nuts talking about the seven tiger moves, because they’re real athletes, and they don’t do stuff like that, and once you do it with them, when they realize how hard it is. . .

John Peterson: It is.

KC Craichy: . . . it’s the real-deal work out. It looks so easy, but we’re going to . . .

John Peterson: All of those are from martial arts master, John McSweeney. At age 63, McSweeney, he can throw a looping overhand right with the kind of power that you would expect from a young Rocky Marciano. He was 63 when he showed it to me.

KC Craichy: It’s beautiful.

John Peterson: Yeah.

KC Craichy: Well, it’s fascinating stuff. What we’re going to do, we’re going to actually show some of these tiger moves. We’re going to show the tiger push up, because to me the tiger push up, you call it the tiger bend push up.

John Peterson: Tiger stretch, yes.

KC Craichy: Tiger stretch push up. It is the most gratifying, one of the most gratifying exercises I’ve found that I can do. I feel like it works everything out; from your abs . . .

John Peterson: It works from the neck all the way to the toes on both sides of the body, especially the midsection. It’s a great core exercise.

KC Craichy: Yeah, it’s fantastic. People want to know about that, I believe.

John Peterson: You bet. We’ll teach them.

KC Craichy: I think actually to some extent it’s easier once you learn how to do it than a standard push up.

John Peterson: It is, because it’s the synergy of the whole body. You’re not isolating. Now, with a standard push up, you’re not isolating you. You’re using the deltoids, the arms. . .

KC Craichy: Right, right.

John Peterson: OK, but you’re focusing more on just the muscle groups in the chest, shoulders, arms and upper back. With the tiger stretch push up, the full body resistance is transferred from the neck all the way down to the toes. I mean, it’s the fully body, as they’ll see. It makes it a great exercise.

KC Craichy: Well, you did an hour and did a ridiculous number of push ups. Most people are never going to do that. I have found it is very simple, within 15 minutes to a half hour, to get a legitimate workout in your hotel room without going down to the gym, if you don’t have time to do, whatever. You can do these exercises and it’s absolutely fantastic.

John Peterson: Well, the three exercises. The tiger stretch push up, the bridge and the tiger bend squat. Those three alone are a full body workout. Fabulous.

KC Craichy: Those are fantastic, but if you want to do it, and you have enough air conditioning where you don’t have time to sweat, then you can do the seven tiger moves. John Peterson: The tiger moves.

KC Craichy: Now, the seven tiger moves will make you sweat if you give them 100%, but I’m saying you can get significant benefit even if you don’t have a lot of time, and you just time to do this one this day and this one the next, and so on. That’s fantastic.

John Peterson: That’s the beauty of it. That is the beauty of it. It’s beautiful.

KC Craichy: All right well, John. We’re going to show some of these things here in a little bit.

John Peterson: I’m looking forward to it. Yeah.

KC Craichy: Thank you so much for the great wisdom you bring to this.

John Peterson: My pleasure, KC. Thank you, brother.

KC Craichy: I hope you enjoyed it. God bless you, and we wish you super health.

John Peterson: God bless you.

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