KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: LivingFuel SuperGreens

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Posted on 25th October 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC and Monica Craichy share the amazing story of LivingFuel SuperGreens – the most powerful food on earth!

LivingFuel SuperGreens is Everything Your Body Needs

Audio Transcript

KC: Welcome, this is KC and Monica Craichy, founders of Living Fuel, answering your questions on super greens, LivingFuel SuperGreens.

Monica: This was our original product. I just had to say that because this was the first one. Ten years ago, right?

KC: Ten years ago.

Monica: Wow. Well, anyway, this is LivingFuel SuperGreens, and we’re going to talk about what is it, why do you need it, and how do you use it. Let’s first talk about what it is. It’s got like 60 or 70 plus ingredients in here, so we’re not going to talk about all of them. What’s in it?

KC: The cool thing about this product is that it’s the most sophisticated SuperGreens product that exists. What is different about this product than any other greens product that exists out there is this is designed to sustain life indefinitely. By that I mean you can have it for breakfast, you can have it for lunch, you can have it for dinner, for as many days as you chose to go. It is an extraordinarily complete nutrition. Now, there’s a difference between a meal replacement and a whole meal super food. This is a functional super food, a whole meal super food.

Monica: This isn’t just like a salad.

KC: It’s not a salad, this is a full course seven, eight course meal, however many you put together there. It has more calcium and vitamin E than milk. More potassium than bananas, more fiber than oatmeal, more protein that a half a dozen egg whites, more phytonutrients and antioxidants than 20 servings of fruits and vegetables and more friendly bacteria than ten cups of yogurt in a single meal. We’re talking complete beyond complete. When you have tried green drinks and say, oh, I like this or that green drink, you typically are trying a supplement. A nine gram salad, which is completely healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I love those green drinks.

Monica: It’s better than not having anything.

KC: Of course, but, you can’t live on it. You can’t even have a meal out of it. It’s just a nice addition to your meal. This is a whole meal super food that has extraordinary antioxidant levels, 82,800 total ORAfn.

Monica: What does that mean? Why is that good?

KC: That means that, you’ve seen ORAC, ORAC means oxygen radical absorbance capability. That means that the potential of a food against antioxidants. in your body. Peroxyl radicals are one of five classes of radicals. Peroxyl, hydroxyl, peroxide nitrate, and so on and so on. There are five types of radicals that are trying to tear you down. If you have a high ORAC product, like a wine bottle antioxidant, for instance, you now know that you have taken care of the peroxyl radical that’s coming after you. It’s like in a boat, and, you have five holes in the boat, and now you know you’ve got one plugged. When you have total ORACfn, that means we have measured all five of those radical classes and scored stratospherically against all of them.

Monica: You’re plugging up all five holes?

KC: Plugging all five holes. This is an extraordinary antioxidant. It’s the most powerful super green food that exists today.

Monica: So, KC, the five main greens in here are the broccoli, spinach, kale, spirulina…

KC: And, barley grass.

Monica: …and barley grass. So, why did you choose those for this?

KC: Those are well known hypoallergenic greens. Those are super foods by themselves. They bring aspects, anti-carcinogenic, high antioxidant, and blood cleansing. All the things we know greens to be. You remember grandma or mom saying eat your greens. You’ve got to eat your greens. People just don’t get enough greens. This is a extraordinarily condensed way to get the greens along the additional things like the sea greens, also, plus chia seed and also, some carrot and tomato extract, those kind of things. It’s a very complete food on the alkaline vegetable side.

Monica: The way I use it is, right now as a matter of fact, I’m doing two scoops of green in the morning and then one scoop of the protein added to it just for some extra protein. I’ll add it to maybe, 16 or 18 ounces. of water, shake it up in my blender bottle, and that’s my breakfast. I might enjoy a cup of hot tea and maybe, one of our CocoChia Bars as well, but really the fuel is all I need for breakfast. How do you use it?

KC: Same way. Right now, I’m on a SuperGreens kick. Most of the time I would do a SuperGreens, a SuperBerry and one or two scoops of LivingProtein. Right now I’m doing two scoops of greens and one scoop of living protein with just water in a blender bottle. Shake it and drink your breakfast. I was thinking today how convenient breakfast is in our house. When we have guests, you better be OK with super smoothies or you’re probably going to go hungry at breakfast. Our breakfast time is you go to the fuel station, you fix your LivingFuel, you drink it, you’re done with it. Then, the next thing is lunch.

Monica: You know, it really is the ultimate fast food. Mom’s, there’s really no clean-up because the kids can clean out their own shaker cup.

KC: That’s perfect. We hope that’s giving you a greater understanding of LivingFuel SuperGreens. God bless you and have a great day.

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