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Posted on 28th October 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC and Monica Craichy share about LivingFuel LivingProtein – our complete plant protein from clean and healthy non-GMO brown rice and yellow pea with fiber, live enzymes, probiotics, amino acids and antioxidants.

Living Protein is The Revolutionary Premium Protein Supplement

Audio Transcription

KC: Welcome. This is KC and Monica Craichy, founders of Living Fuel, here to talk to you about LivingProtein.

Monica: Yes. Let’s talk about what is it, how do I use it, and why do I need it?

KC: Good questions.

Monica: First can you tell us, what is LivingProtein?

KC: LivingProtein is a plant-based protein with fiber prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants. It’s an extraordinarily sophisticated protein supplement. It’s really a protein food that you can use to supplement your daily protein requirements, or a lot of people add it to their Living Fuel Super Smoothies to give additional protein fiber. It’s very unique in that it’s rice and yellow pea protein, combined with specific amino acids to make the amino acid profile look like egg. So, it’s a similar profile to egg, but all from vegetarian sources. The probiotics in this product are micro-encapsulated, the same as they are in all our other products, which means that they are designed to survive stomach acid and heat, so that they actually make it to the digestive system where it needs to be used.

Monica: Now, why did you choose rice and yellow pea protein?

KC: Well, it is the base of our world-renown LivingFuel SuperFoods. Actually, when we first brought this product out, some of our athletes were saying, “Hey, we love your LivingFuel SuperBerry, and we love your LivingFuel SuperGreens, but there’s 26 grams of protein, and we’re athletes and we need more protein than that.” So, we built LivingProtein as an add-on for those who wanted to increase their protein smoothie protein levels. It has high quality fiber, protein, prebiotics, probiotics. If you’ll notice that it has vitamin C in there also, because protein is thought to take away the vitamin C stores in people’s bodies. That is a very sophisticated protein. It can be used any way you would want to use a protein, or in your LivingFuel SuperSmoothies.

Monica: Now, I read your chapter 11 in your latest book, “Super Health: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need”. I think you need to share it with the people. Why do they need more protein?

KC: Well, people with higher protein levels score better in basically every clinically measurable way. I just thought about it, and you’ve seen these books out around like “The China Study” and so on, that say you only need a modicum of protein to survive. Well, the literature does not bear that out, and many people that I’ve asked to just try it, increase your protein to 50 to 75%, even 100% of your weight in grams of protein. In other words, if you weigh 200 pounds, then 200 grams of protein a day essentially or 150 grams of protein a day, that makes an extraordinary difference to a lot of people in their energy levels, and their muscle tone, and the way they think, and the way they sleep. There’s so much good to be derived from having high quality protein. Now, that doesn’t mean back to back to back meat meals, like we talked about in the book, but if you really want to understand protein better, chapter 11 of “The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need” goes into it in great detail. This product is a very powerful addition to your nutrition in any way you want to use the protein.

Monica: Now, after I read chapter 11 of your latest book, I really came to the conclusion that we are a protein deficient society. Would you agree with that?

KC: There’s no question, and the protein that people are eating, unfortunately, is fried foods and…

Monica: Right.

KC: …burnt meats, and all kinds of protein powders that have so many substances in them that you really wouldn’t put in your body by choice, although they’re choosing to put it in their bodies.

Monica: Yeah. That’s why I love to use this product, because I add a full scoop to my LivingFuel Smoothie in the morning. I’ll do a scoop of the greens, a scoop of the berry, and then a scoop of the protein, just to bump up the protein. All of our children, but mainly our older two sons are athletes, they’re football players, and they’re having scoops of protein throughout the day. How do you use it? Would you like to share?

KC: Well, I always add one to two scoops of LivingProtein to my SuperSmoothies, and that’s basically how I use it. Others use it in multiple ways. In fact, you’ll see we’ve put out many recipes, regarding just Living Protein smoothies with cinnamon or whatever the case may be. You can check the site for those recipes. There are a lot of reasons you would want to do this. The American high carbohydrate breakfast is one of the greatest reasons. If you don’t change anything about your breakfast, but then you add protein…

Monica: Add protein, yep.

KC: …high quality protein to it, it will make an extraordinary difference in your day. God bless you. We hope it’s helpful and have a great day.

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