SuperEssentials Aminos: What, Why, and How

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Posted on 31st October 2011 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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Join Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy as they answer the top questions about our newest product, LivingFuel SuperEssentials® Aminos.  Amino acids supplementation was once reserved for body builders looking to increase lean muscle mass.  Today, intelligently and strategicially supplementing with essential amino acids can help supercharge health, physical performance, mental clarity, and weight optimization!   Living Fuel’s SuperEssentials Aminos is the most sophisticated and powerful free-form essential amino acids product available today.  Discover what this amazing supplement can do for you and your family.  Click on the graphic below to learn more: 
SuperEseentials® Aminos

Audio Transcription

KC: Welcome. This is KC and Monica Craichy, founders of Living Fuel, answering your questions about SuperEssentials Aminos.

Monica: We’re going to talk right now: What is the product? How do we use it? And why do we need it? So, let’s take the first question, KC. What is SuperEssentials Aminos?

KC: Essential amino acids. SuperEssential Aminos are all the essential, plus conditionally essential, amino acids combined with nothing else, so vegetarian amino acids. Amino acids, as you’ve seen in our videos before, are the building blocks of protein. When you eat of any protein source, what your body is first looking for is the essential amino acids that are in there. The reason they’re called “essential” is your body cannot manufacture them from the other amino acids. If you have an amino acid that is essential, your body can manufacture the non-essential amino acids.

Monica: You’ve said there are ten essential amino acids.

KC: Well, it depends on who you’re talking to. Some people say eight, some people say nine, some people say ten. Monica: But you have them all in here.

KC: They’re all in there – essential and conditionally essential amino acids.

Monica: So, what that means is instead of having a piece of chicken, they can have this instead?

KC: Well, whether it’s chicken or it’s beans or whatever it is, there’s always a delay when you have protein. When you eat protein, your body has to digest that protein so there’s a one to two hour delay and then a maximum uptake of ten grams per hour from that point forward. When you consider essential amino acids in this form, within about 20 minutes, you can actually have essential amino acids in your blood stream. It’s like an immediate blast of essential amino acids. If you look at the amino acid pattern of the top five protein sources in nature and then you look at the pattern that we’ve used, you would see that the strengths of all five are incorporated in SuperEssentials Aminos plus the latest findings on the branch-chain amino acids and lysine levels are optimized in this product. It’s an essential amino acid product that is absorbed by the body extraordinarily quickly.

Monica: So, your body basically doesn’t have to digest it; it goes right into the blood stream?

KC: Very good. Yes.

Monica: What is the source of this?

KC: These are vegetarian, plant-based amino acids.

Monica: How did you get them?

KC: Well, Genimodo [SP] is the top amino acid manufacturer on the planet, and Genimodo amino acids are all used in SuperEssential Aminos.

Monica: OK. I know for me, when I get to that little dip in the day where you kind of have lower energy, most people typically go for a cup of coffee or a snack, I’ll go for the essential amino acids. I’ll do a scoop and a half in a little bit of water, I’ll shake it up, and I’ll drink it. Within, I would say, five minutes I’m already feeling a pick-up. Why is that?

KC: That is extraordinary. We talked about the delay associated with protein. When you eat protein, there’s going to be a delay. You have all these competitions for pathways and digestive issues, and it depends on what source of protein you took. Basically, you’re getting an immediate blast of essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are the foundation of numerous metabolic functions in the body. We don’t even know all of them. We have a good idea of the basic ones, but essential amino acids are involved in basically everything going on in the body. Getting a blast of them without any interruption, immediately in the blood stream does all kinds of good things from growing muscle mass to increase in lean body mass tissues and organs, metabolic functions, the whole bit. It’s pretty extraordinary.

Monica: Another way I use it is first thing in the morning, as well. Sometimes, if you do it immediately after you’ve put it into the water, it can be a little bit gritty or grainy so what I do, too, is I let it sit overnight on my night table. By the morning it’s completely dissolved. For those of you who have texture issues, you may want to try that – letting it sit overnight and just drink it first thing in the morning. Again, people grab a cup of coffee in the mornings, when I do this in the morning I feel immediately picked up. It’s a great product.

KC: I do the same thing. I do it first thing in the morning just because I want to take some supplements that you don’t want to have food in your stomach with, so I’ll take these essential amino acids at the same time. It does give you a nice lift and then within a half hour I’ll have my SuperSmoothie breakfast. It’s a very extraordinary thing to do that way. There are a couple of ways to take it. One is you take it just with water like you’ve seen our son, Austin, do in the past. This is not a taste experience. This is about getting a shot glass full of water and shaking it in a Living Fuel shaker and then slamming it. It’s a salty, somewhat gritty kind of taste for some people, but most people like myself don’t even notice the taste. I take it and I get a benefit. Most people, many people, tell us that they feel the surge of energy within seconds after taking it. I can’t tell you that I can explain that. I have just seen it now so many times that it has to be so, within 45 seconds.

Monica: For a product like this, if it makes me feel good and I know it’s something that my body needs, it could taste like mud and I’m still going to take it.

KC: That’s true.

Monica: It’s not an ice cream.

KC: We wouldn’t be the example for a lot of people as far as if it’s good for us, we’re going to do it. The truth of this is if you’re going to take it in the way that we talked about which is called “pre-loading” or “stealth technique of pre-loading”, which means you would take it a half hour before a meal with just water and by the time you have your meal your blood stream is stocked with essential amino acids so your body doesn’t have to wait for what you digest, and it doesn’t have to pull from other organs to accomplish the things it needs to accomplish. That’s a very powerful technique. In order to do that technique, you can’t put juices and stuff in the amino acid. However, if you’re just going to take it to bump your protein or the quality of your protein source at a meal, then you can put a splash of juice with water in there and it makes all the difference. In fact, a lot of athletes now at half-time, say, of a football game are putting the SuperEssentials in their sports drink and shaking it. In fact, it makes the sports drink taste better, and it gives them an energy pop like they haven’t known before. Pretty extraordinary.

Monica: Yes. We’re still learning different ways to use it.

KC: Yes, we are. Hopefully that was helpful to you. You can click over and see the video on how to use it if you’d like. God bless you and have a great day.

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