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Posted on 25th January 2012 by admin in Super Health

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New research from the University of Western Australia and the University of Montpellier (France) reported in Free Radical Research in June 2010 indicates the heart health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) may actually reduce oxidative stress by reducing levels of a compound called F2-isoprostanes. Scientists report that daily supplements of four grams of either EPA or DHA for six weeks were associated with reductions of about 20 percent. Led by Dr. Emilie Mas, the authors of the study wrote, “The data suggest omega-3 fatty acids reduce oxidative stress, which is likely related, at least in part, to their anti-inflammatory actions and the expected reduction in leukocyte activity. These findings give further support for supplementation of the diet with omega-3 fatty acids for cardiovascular risk reduction.”

Beyond that research, the September 3, 2010, issue of the journal Cell reports the discovery by researchers at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine of the mechanism used by omega-3 fatty acids in lowering insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. Using cell cultures in mice, Dr. Jerrold Olefsky, a professor of medicine and associate dean of scientific affairs, and colleagues found that exposure to omega-3 fatty acids activates the cellular receptor known as GPR120, which is located on macrophages in mature fat cells and, when activated, prevents the macrophages from causing inflammation. “It’s just an incredibly potent effect,” stated Dr. Olefsky. “Omega-3s are very potent activators of GPR120 on macrophages—more potent than any other anti-inflammatory we’ve ever seen…. Our work shows how fish oils safely do this and suggests a possible way to treating the serious problems of inflammation in obesity and in conditions such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease through simple dietary supplementation.”

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