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Posted on 13th December 2011 by admin in Holiday Health Challenge

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The FUEL Fast and Micro Fast

Two other extraordinary techniques for detoxification, more rapid weight optimization, and general well-being are the FUEL Fast and the Micro Fast. These techniques are two of the most effective ways to accomplish the Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition guidelines outlined earlier in this chapter. Fasting, which we have discussed in some detail earlier in this book, is an extremely powerful technique with numerous known health benefits, including rapid weight loss. Fasting ranges from doing without food to simply eliminating certain things you normally eat for a time (i.e., fasting breads or sugar). The biggest downside to traditional water fasting, juice fasting, vegetable fasting, etc., is significant muscle loss. We have discussed the importance of maintaining muscle mass earlier in this chapter. Muscle loss is extremely unhealthy and very difficult to replace. It results in an accumulation of body fat that is diametrically opposed to the intended health benefits of fasting. If you are going to fast, make sure you are obtaining the benefits you are attempting to gain. The key is to incorporate the Four Corner of Superfood Nutrition within your fast, therefore assuring you are getting everything your body needs even while fasting, including optimal protein levels. This can be accomplished without hunger or cravings.

You can “fast” (do a FUEL Fast or Micro Fast instead of eating a meal) a single meal or every meal, depending on your goals. It can be helpful to think of each meal as either a fast or not. Most people can maintain or lose weight using the Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition at between 1,500 to 1,800 optimized calories per day, assuming they are getting everything their body needs, including enough protein. This works out to 500 to 600 calories for each of three meals per day. For example, you could eat a meal in a restaurant that is 1,500 or more calories or choose to fast that meal with 100 to 600 calories, using the techniques called “Micro Fast” or “FUEL Fast” described below. Every meal you properly fast allows you to bank more calories to be divided during your other meals or allows you to create a calories’ deficit to maximize weight loss while supporting muscle mass and metabolic function.
The FUEL Fast involves “fasting” or replacing one or all of your meals (three meals per day with five to six hours in between is generally best) with a broad-spectrum, nutrient-dense high-protein SuperSmoothie that is low in calories, rich in broad-spectrum antioxidants, low in sugar and glycemic response, and contains healthy fats. Essentially, it is using a functional SuperSmoothie to provide virtually every known essential nutrient combined with known superfoods in a highly digestible SuperSmoothie. Any meals not being replaced with a SuperSmoothie should be what we call a “Smart Meal,” including a clean source of protein and a wide variety of broad-spectrum organic vegetables and some organic fruit (in moderation), nuts, and seeds. (See SuperSmoothie Recipes and Smart Meal Recipes.)

The Micro Fast or Micronutrient Fast is essentially an ultra low calorie Four Corners of Superfood Nutrition fast to replace one or more meals, using only “micronutrients,” which are vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, prebiotics, and probiotics instead of “macronutrients,” which are protein, carbohydrates, and fats. One exception is that carbohydrates will be in the form of fruits or vegetables, because the micronutrient of carbohydrates is sugar, which we want to minimize. The micronutrient from carbohydrates that we do want is soluble fiber. Technically, “micro ingredients” could mean nutrients in micrograms, but for our purposes it means nutrients derived from macronutrients totaling about 100 to 200 calories per meal yet supplying everything the body needs.

Instead of a meal, you would have a small amount of fibrous low glycemic carbohydrates (fruits or vegetables, such as one half to a whole banana or an apple or green salad, depending on activity level), along with an optimized essential amino acids supplement, a broad-spectrum antioxidant essential fatty acids EPA/DHA/GLA/Vitamin D/Vitamin A/Vitamin E+ supplement, a broad-spectrum micro multivitamin, mineral, antioxidant, phytonutrient, prebiotic, probiotic supplement, and potentially a soluble fiber supplement along with drinking plenty of water. The Micro Fast can also be accomplished by making a Micro 
SuperSmoothie. (See Micro SuperSmoothie Recipes or a Vegetarian Smart Meal plus above recommended supplements.)

The Micro Fast is ideal during lighter activities, including light exercise. Once you have become accustomed to Micro Fasting, you can do higher levels of physical activities by simply adjusting your intake of low glycemic carbohydrates to fuel the activity. Micro fasting can also be done within a FUEL Fast by replacing a SuperSmoothie with a Micro SuperSmoothie.

KC Craichy
The Super Health Diet

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