LivingFuel Blender Bottle: What, Why, and How

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Posted on 12th December 2011 by admin in Super Health |Super Recipes

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We refer to our LivingFuel whole meal functional superfoods as the ultimate fast food because they mix
quickly and well with cold water and create a super-nutritious, protein-rich SuperSmoothie that can replace
one or more meals.  A great tool to quickly mix up your SuperSmoothie is the unique and distinctive
Living Fuel Blender Bottle—the BPA-free shaker bottle that lets you conveniently carry LivingFuel to
school, to work, to the gym, to the game, or anywhere!  The Living Fuel Blender Bottle is available
in the 28-ounce and 20-ounce sizes in a variety of bold lid colors.

Today, Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy introduce you to the Living Fuel Blender Bottle and answer: What is it?  Why do I need it?  How do I use it?

What shaker bottle is in your pantry? Click on the graphic below to watch.

Audio Transcription

KC: Welcome this is KC and Monica Craichy here today to talk to you about the Living Fuel Blender Bottle.

Monica: We’re going to talk about what is the blender bottle, why do I need it, and how do I use it?

KC: What is it? It’s a really cool device that has a metal ball and it’s much like the paint can that you shake the can and you hear it mixing.

Monica: Or the nail polish.

KC: I might not have known about that one, but this actually is a great device. You put scoops of Fuel in here and some LivingProtein and some water and you shake it, and we hear this sound in our house an awful lot, and it really mixes it up nicely, and is a very quick and convenient way to have your super smoothie in the morning.

Monica: We have two sizes, there’s a smaller size and a larger size, and we also have a lot of colors that you can choose from. But when I’m traveling around town or even going on an airplane, oftentimes it’s great for travel. I’ll put my dry fuel in the bottom and then when I’m ready for my meal I’ll just add my water, shake it up and drink it down and there you go.

KC: So, this is not a water bottle. Some of you send us pictures with you drinking your water out of your blender bottle. Now, if you’re going to fill it and drink it that’s fine but don’t store liquids, This is a number five plastic and it’s designed for using quickly and being done with it. So, we recommend though that if you’re new to Living Fuel that you use the blender and make yourself a wonderful super smoothie and start out that way. It won’t be any time at all before you realize how much you crave the taste, and you’ll be perfectly fine with putting in the blender bottle and shaking it and drinking it. So, we hope this was helpful to you. God bless you and have a great day.

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