KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: Nutrition’s Vital Role

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Posted on 18th January 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC Craichy talks with natural health and strength expert John Peterson about the vital role of nutrition for super health.

Audio Transcript

KC: Welcome to Living Fuel TV. I’m KC Craichy with special guest, John Peterson.

John: Hi, there. Great to be here.

KC: John, it’s been a fun series.

John: It has.

KC: Please, if you haven’t been watching, please go back and look at some of these segments. There’s fascinating information about leading edge super fitness without using the weight room in any way. It’s fascinating stuff.

John: Thank you

KC: John, nutrition is an important part of your program and of what we do and what we teach. Why is it so important to you, John?

John: In various anti-aging institutes, it has been proven more and more to be the major component of all. That’s how we can keep our hormones balanced. We can maintain high testosterone levels into advanced ages.

KC: How important is that?

John: I think it’s critically important. In fact, I feel bad for some men that are being treated with anti-depressants when they should be elevating their testosterone levels and feeling better about themselves. One thing I want to mention is that I personally believe that everybody, periodically, should go on a detoxifying fast. All of us. Sometimes, we have to eat in restaurants or what have you. Bottom line is, KC, we’ve seen men, many men and women, all over America whose abdomens are poking out like this. CDC says 34% of all Americans are now obese. I think it’s true. I really do. When you see a man with an abdomen poking out like that, it’s not just soft, unconditioned muscles that are slack muscles. That’s not the deal. There’s something inside of them that’s literally in their intestines putrifying and toxifying. From time to time, just think how great they’d feel. They’d lose a lot of weight, by the way, just by going on a fast. I recommend a Living Fuel fast because you’re giving the body every conceivable nutrient it needs. Natural, organic nutrients to detoxify. If you take Living Fuel six times a day; I personally like to take three of the berry and three of the green. From time to time, I throw in a scoop of the Living Fuel protein as well. The point is, when you do this, you’re allowing the body to clean house. You’ll actually feel energized. You’ll feel younger. You’ll find yourself being able to do things that you thought you couldn’t do. The one thing that I’ve had a couple friends tell me that their thought impulse improved. They can think faster. Now, what have you heard?

KC: Always, improvement in the appearance of hair, skin, nails, digestion, elimination. Just about everybody feeds that back to us. This is not just people on the Fuel Fast or the three-meal-a-day or the six-meal-a-day or the two-meal-a-day Fuel Fast. These are people that take the Fuel. Actually, I’ve seen people where their fingernails could never grow. They started taking the Fuel one time a day, and then they have beautiful nails. I’m not saying the Fuel is miraculous. It just goes back to the point that when you give your body every known nutrient combined with all the nutrients we really haven’t even identified yet, through super foods and so on, the body can do extraordinary things. You talked about people with the big bellies. It didn’t start that way. At some point, usually, generally, they had some level of fitness. They continue to eat the way they eat. They eat too much sugar, too much carbs, too much fried foods. The body is converting this to triglycerides that are stored on the body as fat. Fat cells produce inflammatory cytokines, interleukin-16, alfalfa. As you always talk about, testosterone levels are falling. There’s even commercials out there about “low T”. The enzyme, aromatase, as you know, converts any testosterone floating in the blood to estrogen. So you have men with estrogen load and lowering testosterone. They say it lowers over time. That could be true to some extent, but you can block this lowering of testosterone with the right nutrition and with not eating some of the things.

John: Absolutely. Just avoiding beer alone – I’m serious now – would get rid of the aromatase that so many men are loading up on every weekend.

KC: They’re finding they don’t have energy levels. They don’t feel like working out. They have extra body weight. They continue that cycle and the cravings take over. It’s a spiral that leads to death, as you know, John.

John: It certainly does. KC: Getting off that like you’re talking about, doing the Living Fuel fast for a period of time. It really is freeing.

John: Exercising with the tiger moves. You don’t have to do extreme things.

KC: The tiger moves, as you showed me originally five years ago, you can do them at 50% tension, 70% tension, 100% tension. It’s really fantastic. The tiger moves, to explain, many of you have seen in my book “Super Health”, there’s a picture of John in there doing these seven different body movement exercises using body resistance. That is just fantastic in achieving levels of fitness which they can either continue with that system or add some of the other things that we’re going to show them in other segments. It’s just fascinating, but nutrition is the foundation.

John: Could we mention one thing quickly? There are going to be people out there thinking I’m bashing the food industry. Truthfully, when I was growing up, KC, we did not see the levels of obesity we’re seeing today. High fructose corn syrup was not part of the American diet.

KC: It’s crazy, John. People do not need to be cutting budgets on their food budget or saving money on their food budget. I know some of you are having some financial issues going on, but where you don’t want to cut is your food budget. According to the literature, you’d be better off to skip a meal than eat a meal that most people eat. That’s bad.

John: That’s bad but I’ll tell you what. If people were to go on a Living Fuel fast, get on the Living Fuel program, the dynamic exercise, the whole thing. The four corners of health that you talk about. I’m not a medical doctor so I’m not prescribing. Most of them will be able to get off so many of the medications that they’re spending money on.

KC: You know, lifestyle has been shown… It’s not that what we’re selling is magic and it’s going to happen. The truth is, most of these people could get off those things by changing their lifestyle.

John: You bet they can. Absolutely.

KC: Change their nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. It is pretty straightforward. You bring so much to the party because so many people talk about health but they’re not healthy. You’re standing the test of time at 57.

John: Well, buddy, I’ve been to some of the health conventions, and I’ve seen some of the people that are not emblems of health and fitness. You want people to be authentic. Believe me, my friend, you are. You really are.

KC: Thank you. We’ve really enjoyed having you. God bless you.

John: God bless you, KC. Thank you, brother.

KC: We just thank you for joining us, and we wish you super health.

John: God bless.

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