KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: Seven Golden Keys (5)

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Posted on 23rd January 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC Craichy, best-selling author of The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need! and Super Health 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality, talks about the importance of exercise for Super Health and how to deal with stress effectively.

Audio Transcription

Wendie: Hi, this is Wendie Pett, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bronze Bow Publishing, and I am here with KC Craichy. How are you today?

KC: I’m doing great, Wendie. How are you doing?

Wendie: Good. I’m so glad you could come out to Minneapolis and join us for this interview. Well, let’s talk a little bit about the third key that you talk about. That’s exercise. When it comes to this you know where my business partner, John, and I stand. Tell us your thoughts on exercise.

KC: Obviously, exercise is critically important. The literature says that it’s critically important for making your blood sugar balanced and all the other systems of the body, frankly, detoxification and so on. That’s cardiovascularly speaking. As for exercise, exercise is more important to bone health than calcium supplementation.

Wendie: That’s right.

KC: That’s resistance exercise. I have to tell you I have become so impressed with yours and John’s system of the “Seven Tiger Moves“, that I’m incorporating this into my system. It will be in my book.

Wendie: Thank you.

KC: I’m that excited about it. Wendie: That’s wonderful.

KC: This system is phenomenal; people need to know about this. It’s really tremendous. I’ve been looking for years for a system to keep people out of the gym. I’ve always relied on push-ups and sit-ups and pull-ups…

Wendie: Back to the basics.

KC: … and dips, and all those things. But, it’s really too hard for most people. The “Seven Tiger Moves” is extraordinary in how easy it is, and it fits right in with my martial arts background.

Wendie: That’s right.

KC: But, you don’t have to have a martial arts background to do this. It’s incredibly strength enhancing and gives you your range of motion. Its effect is immediate. I’m excited to tell the world about that because this is what I’m been looking for.

Wendie: Wonderful. Thank you. We all get a little stressed from time to time. And we all handle and carry it in totally different ways. For instance, I tend to carry stress in my neck and shoulders, and, matter of fact a massage would be pretty good right now. We can learn to handle these everyday stresses that life brings our way, but how do we learn how to do it properly? Tell people what can happen if you don’t learn how to handle it properly physically and emotionally? What happens to your body?

KC: It’s a destructive process, no doubt. It tears you down. A lot of people have a panic attack, again, associated with nutrition, and with the anxiety of maybe, they had them before. There are some many things that are symptoms of having stress. You don’t feel good. You don’t sleep good. Sometimes, not sleeping good causes the stress. It’s back and forth.

Wendie: Sure.

KC: But, there are a couple different kinds of stress. Stress that’s repetitive stress. Stress that nags you. Stress that you don’t feel good about, or stress of having to do a lot, doing too much, being overwhelmed. That kind of stress will shorten your life.

Wendie: As TD Jake says, “Let that stuff go.”

KC: Let it go. Exactly. You got to live. You want to live an abundant life.

Wendie: That’s right.

KC: So, those things will hold you down and keep you from your destiny.

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: But, the stresses that are actually good for you are the competitive stresses, or something like bungee jumping. Not that I recommend bungee jumping or sky diving. Those things actually will extend your life.

Wendie: Sure.

KC: Those things are exciting and thrilling. So, thrilling and exciting things will…

Wendie: Super Bowl.

KC: …extend your life. Well, you know, depends on who you’re for.

Wendie: Depends on who is playing. I think people just always assume that stress is bad. It’s good to know that these are good stresses in your life, and it’s OK to have that in your life and incorporate it because it does make you a healthier, happier person.

KC: Amen to that. Well, you do need to follow the other golden keys because stress is a result of several things.

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: It could be you’re not exercising, therefore, you feel stressed.

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: It could be you have a poor diet. Eating is the biggest stress that you’re going to ever put on your body. You need to eat for three reasons. Building blocks, fuel, and for fun.

Wendie: Right.

KC: You eat for building blocks and fuel when you’re not intending to have fun. Many people will eat fun foods during their building blocks and fuel period, when you’re just going to run out for lunch and you grab fun foods. The reality of it is you should eat building blocks and fuel most of the time. And, have fun when you’re going to have fun and when your choice is when you’re going to have fun don’t eat destructive food…

Wendie: Right.

KC: …for the net of that.

Wendie: Right.

KC: So, that’s the nutritional piece of the stress. But, then you have, some people will burn the candle at both ends. They stay up late at night; they get up early in the morning.

Wendie: They wonder, “Why am I stressed?”

KC: Exactly. I know people that get up really early in the morning like 4:30 and run and they went to bed at 11:00. The reality of that is you probably would have been better off to sleep more and exercise less. I hate to say that but that’s the reality of it because sleep is critically important and that can compromise your body. What you really want to do is through meditation and prayer and through exercise and nutrition and hydration, all these things give you a peace. Particularly the meditation and prayer. It gives you a peace so you can handle the stresses of the day…

Wendie: Exactly.

KC: …as we talked about before.

Wendie: You don’t have to take these drugs that are advertised on TV left and right to put a Band-Aid over the problem.

KC: Again, you’re medicating a symptom that may not exist if you handle the other pieces of your life.

Wendie: That’s right.

KC: Then, you’ll have symptoms associated with that medication that you’ll probably medicate at some other point. It’s really critical that you get control of your life.

Wendie: Real quick. When we were speaking earlier, before the interview, you mentioned…what’s the average American, how many pills a day are they taking, how many meds?

KC: Americans over 60 are five meds or more.

Wendie: It’s crazy.

KC: It’s just really unfortunate. Many times those medicines are taken based on multiple doctors. One doctor is medicating a symptom from another doctor’s that’s caused by the previous medication.

Wendie: That’s crazy. Thank you, KC.

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