KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: Seven Golden Keys (8)

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Posted on 23rd January 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC Craichy, best-selling author of The Super Health Diet: The Last Diet You Will Ever Need! and Super Health 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality, shares the Living Fuel story and its impact on the health of the Craichy family and thousands of other families through the years.

Audio Transcription

Wendie: Hi. This is Wendie Pett, Director of Sales and Marketing for Bronze Bow Publishing, and I am here with KC Craichy. How are you today?

KC: I’m doing great, Wendie. How are you doing?

Wendie: Good. I’m so glad you could come out to Minneapolis and join us for this interview. All right, KC, as founder and CEO of Living Fuel, can you tell us your story how all this got started?

KC: Living Fuel was a God story all along for sure. I started a company in the late ’90s in the dotcom craze. The company I founded was a leading edge health company. It was alternative medicine, and it brought together many nutrition and health experts from around the country through a very unique format where we literally broadcasted live these experts’ radio shows 24/7 at this company. A lot of these relationships that I’ve built through this previous company were valuable in my understanding of and furthering my understanding of clinical nutrition and how the body works and so on. The company crashed with all the other dotcoms. I lost a tremendous amount of money in that deal, and at the same time tech stocks really went bad and I was heavily weighted in tech stocks. I was effectively liquid during this time.

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: Having finished with this one company and just trying to figure out what it is that I wanted to do with my life, I was really seeking the Lord’s will in my life. I had opportunities to run other companies but it wasn’t right. All the while, every morning for a long time, my family mixed a whole bunch of things together greens and proteins and all sorts of things together…

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

Craichy: …every morning to make our breakfast because we lived a nutrition lifestyle having discovered nutrition through some family health crisis situations. Having discovered clinical nutrition. And, one day I said…

Wendie: Was that after your son had his ear problems? OK.

KC: Yes. So, I told my wife one day after I was mixing this stuff I was really sick of mixing all these things together, and I was sick of the fact that I couldn’t really find organic ingredients or really high level ingredients.

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: They just weren’t available in the market. I told her I was going to build the perfect food. She said, “Honey, you do that.”

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: I contacted a scientist that I had worked with in my previous company. That was a nuclear physicist turned nutritionist. I told him what it was I wanted to accomplish. For years I had been thinking about all the pieces to what at the time I thought would be a supplement, but this time I had now decided I wanted to build a perfect food. He was very excited about my project. He had already developed two of the top selling super green drinks on the market. The reason he liked my idea was that I told him the cost was not going to be a design influence.

Wendie: Of course, he liked it.

KC: We were going to build it and worse case was I would have a life time supply for my family.

Wendie: Right.

KC: Like the typical business school things which I practiced forever of targeting a market, and targeting a price point, and targeting a margin…

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: …and working your way back into greetings. We didn’t do it that way at all. We just built…

Wendie: You just go for it.

KC: …based on what the human body needs as a foundation requirement. All the while my wife became pregnant, still didn’t know what I wanted to do, and I didn’t know this was going to be a business. I thought it could be, but I never really knew it would. By the time we finished and the day that Living Fuel was bottled, labeled and ready for market, my wife had gotten pregnant during this time.

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: Our baby was born that same day.

Wendie: On that day. Wow.

KC: This was March 25, two and a half, two and three-quarters years ago. By the end of that same year, Living Fuel was in every state in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Sold only through doctors. No marketing, no advertising, any of that sort of thing. Now, it’s all over the world. It’s tremendously successful.

Wendie: That is amazing.

KC: It’s a God story all along. That’s the Living Fuel story.

Wendie: Well, I would like to…that’s a phenomenal story, it really is. And, to think you just really wanted to give your family the best nutrition that you could find. Now, you’re helping others along the way. It’s pretty cool. I do have a testimonial here. It’s from Mac Gober. “To whom it may concern. In December, 2002, I actually died on the operating table due to respiratory complications during shoulder surgery. At that time I was over 300 pounds, and my health was poor. I was constantly out of energy, out of breath, and lived only to preach. I stayed at home what time I wasn’t on the road and ministry. I was on two shots of insulin a day along with heart and blood pressure medications. The direction I was headed was an early grave had I not heard of Living Fuel.” Brother Kenneth Copeland referred me to a man by the name of Dr. Don Colbert, out of Orlando, Florida. After a complete physical and consultation, Dr. Colbert told me about Living Fuel and a man by the name of KC Craichy. I will forever be grateful to both of these men for turning my life around. After four to five weeks of taking Living Fuel, I am off all med’s. I have lost between 35 and 40 pounds, and at the present I weigh 248 pounds. My target is between 215 and 220. I will reach that goal with Living Fuel. I have more energy and feel more like myself. Once again, thank God for KC Craichy and Living Fuel. Resting in Jesus. Mac Gober. That is amazing.

KC: Mac Gober. Yeah. He is the President and Founder of Canaan Land Ministries, a phenomenal ministry. We’ve gotten to be friends with Mac, and he’s been a blessing to me as well. Dr. Colbert is a friend of the company. He recommends Living Fuel in some of his books and to his patients. Mac Gober was on Living Fuel for every meal for those four weeks.

Wendie: That speaks volumes. It’s turning people’s lives around day after day. Where can people go to learn more about Living Fuel?

KC: You can learn all you need to know and more than you ever wanted to know about Living Fuel at www.livingfuel.com. You can also buy our products there and learn a lot about nutrition and lifestyle.

Wendie: Great. You’ve got some testimonials and such.

KC: Testimonials as well. Yes.

Wendie: Thank you so much. Is there anything else you want to share with these people that are listening to you today? What’s your biggest piece of advice?

KC: I want to encourage them, because the cycle they’re on right now, this cycle of running all the time and being busy, and not thinking that having craving for foods that they can’t break. Those cravings are simply because you set yourself up for that craving the meal before. It’s really not hard. It’s not as hard as it sounds like.

Wendie: No. It’s not.

KC: What I suggest is that they take a few of these things that they are convicted about, because they heard some things today that are going to convict them, and that’s the way the Lord works.

Wendie: That’s right.

KC: Take a few things. Take a small step today. Take a glass of water instead of that cup of coffee, take green tea instead of that cup of coffee today, start taking fish oil in your diet.

Wendie: Baby steps.

KC: Baby steps to make your room a sleep sanctuary.

Wendie: Mm-hmm.

KC: Do some little things. Each of these things builds on themselves when you see the profound results you’re going to have from doing these things. It’s going to change your life. You’re going to say, wow, I’m going to try something else. It’s going to really result. Interestingly, when people want to get in shape, what’s the first thing they generally do?

Wendie: Well, when they want to get in shape, they go buy a gym membership and they go on one of those trendy diets, not knowing what it’s going to be doing to their bodies.

KC: Exactly. I’m here to tell you that the last place you ought to go when trying to get back into shape is the gym.

Wendie: That’s right.

KC: You have a compromised metabolism, it’s damaged, and you need to change that through nutrition choices. Your energy level is going to go to such a level that you’re going to want to exercise. Going to the gym is not the answer because we talked about this “Seven Tiger Moves” and so on.

Wendie: That’s right.

KC: But you can still go to the gym if that’s what you chose. The point is go because your body is taking you there. Don’t drag your body into the gym because that won’t last. These changes we’re talking about today are lifestyle changes. These aren’t, gee, I’m going to try this for a while; I’m going to lose 20 pounds. I’m going to go back to doing what I’m going to do. That was it.

Wendie: No. That’s what health clubs bank on is that your just going to do it for a month or two and be done.

KC: I submit the definition of insanity as someone once said is to continue to same thing and expecting a different result.

Wendie: Isn’t that the truth.

KC: Just make some small changes today, and your life will be profoundly changed.

Wendie: Thank you, KC.

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