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Posted on 9th February 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Christian Isakson is a super athlete from Portland, Oregon, who accomplished what many of us can’t even imagine—completing the grueling EPIC5 Challenge.  The EPIC5 Challenge is an extraordinary endurance event consisting of five individual iron distance triathlons in five consecutive days on five different Hawaiian islands.

Today, we continue our conversation with Christian and learn how he actually felt stronger as the event unfolded.  We also discover how much weight he lost during this Super Human Feat.  You’ll be amazed!

Christian Isakson

Audio Transcription

KC: Welcome to Living Fuel TV, I’m KC Craichy with special guest, Christian Isakson. God bless you and thank for coming back, brother.

Christian: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

KC: You’ve seen on this program people who have accomplished great things, world class athletes. Today I’m going to introduce you again to Christian Isakson. Last time we did this background and understanding him. This time you’re going to hear some of the details of the journey that allowed him to accomplish this amazing feat of five Ironman races in a row in five days. So Christian, let’s get back in.

Christian: All right, right on.

KC: So, five Ironman in five days.

Christian: Yep.

KC: Is that really possible?

Christian: You know, it is and actually I did better than I thought I was going to do. I think I surprised myself, but I think I surprised a lot of other people, and that wasn’t necessarily my intent, to be a shining star. But I think when you have your goals and focus where it should be and not where you want it to be, things work for the best.

KC: Well, with us, you found us through Ben Greenfield.

Christian: Right, I was asked to go on Ben Greenfield’s Endurance Planet and do an interview just what about the Epic Five is, what some of my training entails on a day to day basis, what do I use for nutrition and that’s kind of where you came into the picture.

KC: Yeah, Ben’s a huge advocate of Living Fuel.

Christian: Yep, Ben Greenfield is a great sponsor.

KC: He basically said you’re going to that? You got to have the fuel, brother. So, the training aspect of this, so how long ago did you decide because this was just last week, that you did the Epic Five.

Christian: The Epic Five was last week. I got the call about three and half months ago, but I’ve been an endurance athlete for a little over seven years so I have a really good base. I’ve raced Ironman and marathons and Olympics and sprints. I was asked to be a part of the USA triathlon team that went to France to participate in the nationals. I did National championships here. So I’ve had minimal success, but I’ve always had maximum enthusiasm so that’s always superseded my failures and the nutrition aspect, when you got involved, I’m going to plug you here but it was, I think there was a real mental and physical shift for my training to the benefit, to the plus with recovery and training as a whole.

KC: That’s fantastic. You know essentially, the last several shows that we’ve done have been on the importance of maintaining muscle and lean body mass in the average person from the world class athlete to the health challenged. Everybody needs to maintain muscle mass. And you are the perfect example of a situation where if you didn’t fuel yourself properly, you would be chewing up your muscle for fuel and you’d have a hard time getting through the Five. And so when you told me about Epic Five, I’d never heard of Epic Five. I’ve heard of Ultra Endurance racing as a sport, that sort of things, but Epic Five is five, explain Epic Five.

Christian: Epic Five is five Ironman in five days on the five major islands of Hawaii consecutively.

KC: So Ironman is?

Christian: Ironman, the Iron Distance is what it’s called, the Iron Distance race. Ironman is a sanctioned event, the Iron Distance is the length of the Ironman which is a 2.4 mile swim, 112 miles bike and a 26.2 mile run consecutively, in a row.

KC: So you’re doing five days in a row on five islands with minimal sleep. Christian: Very minimal.

KC: So when you think about this, many of us have gone out there and tried to tackle a 5K or a 10K or a 15K. Some of you have done half marathons, some of you do sprint triathlons, some do marathons. We know the limitation of the human body because along the way you just want to quit, your brain says stop. But this is not any of the things I just talked about. This is the marathon, it’s just your brisk walk after a hard day at work.

Christian: It’s a cool down.

KC: It really seems impossible that someone can do that and still only seven pounds of lost weight in a five day endurance marathon.

Christian: Yeah, I mean, I was ripped at the end. I have pretty lean muscle to begin, pretty lean body to begin with but at the end of the week, even some of the media we’re like, you can physically tell the change and I think that was the difference for me is I became stronger throughout the week. You know, going into that event, it’s a race, what mentally I was telling myself is I’m racing against my own physiology, who is going to win? Is my mind going to win, or is my body going to win or will my body lose? And it think that that is the focus of any endurance athlete is to stay mentally on task and making sure that you’re taking care of your physical needs as far as nutrition is concerned.

KC: I’ve advised sports nutrition, performance nutrition for basically every sport, and a lot of times Ironman athletes come to me, they’r doing like 15 hour Ironman’s. And they’re trying to follow the pattern of the eight and half hour Ironman guys. I tell them you’re running a different race than the guy that’s running and eight and a half hours. In fact, that guy can’t continue for another eight hours. So you really have to think about it a little differently.

Christian: The Epic Five, it was a endurance event versus a race. It literally was am I going to pace myself correctly, am I going to fuel myself correctly, am I going to eat correctly on the bike because that day you’re thinking about the following day. With a regular Ironman race, you’ve got all guns firing and you’re going as fast as you can as hard as you can for as long as you can and hoping that you get to the line on your two feet. With The Epic Five, I had five Iron Men to consider versus just the one. So nutrition, Living Fuel nutrition, was one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle for me to have success.

KC: Well, that’s fantastic and we’re going to get into next, we’re going to get into the training, what your training life looked like and then how you planned this process and how you implemented it and so on. So it’s very exciting, it’s awesome. God bless you and look forward to having you back.

Christian: Right on. Thank you, thank you.

KC: We sure hoped you enjoyed it. God bless you and have a great day.

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