Change Your Breakfast, Change Your Life!

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Posted on 8th March 2012 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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Did you know that the term “breakfast” literally means to “break the fast” of the night?

Breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day. Your choice of breakfast foods, or your choice to not eat breakfast at all, sets up your day for dietary success or failure. In modern society many of the poorest food choices are “breakfast foods” such as doughnuts, sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, sugar-laden cereals, and a long list of white flour-based, nutritionally-empty items like bagels, muffins, pancakes, and waffles.

Today on LivingFuelTV, learn why breakfast is so important, and then discover the key to a nourishing, powerful breakfast. Click on the graphic below to watch.

Audio Transcription

Welcome to LivingFuel TV. This is K. C. Craichy.

What was your breakfast this morning? Does it even matter? Well, actually it does matter. I say, “Change your breakfast, change your life.”

Did you know the right breakfast, if you’re a student, could increase your test scores in the morning? Did you know, if you go to work, that you’ll be more creative, that you’ll be more productive if your breakfast is the right breakfast? Do you know what the right breakfast is? Well, apparently, most of America does not know. They either, because of convenience or lack of time, they will not eat breakfast and go to school or go to work or do their thing. Eventually, they’ll get around to eating, and then their cravings are going to guide their choices. The others will eat good things, but not enough of the good things.

So, what is the key to breakfast? Well, the truth is that protein, as we talk about smart meals in other segments, how you make a smart meal, breakfast is clearly the most important meal of the day. If you can establish a foundation of good nutrition at breakfast, it will manifest itself throughout your choices during the day. You will feel better, look better, have more energy, and all the things that you really want out of your day.

Many of you are having energy crashes and so on. It all starts with the right breakfast. The British Journal of Medicine, about a year ago, came out with a study that actually talked about the timing of protein intake. It suggested that more protein at the first meal of the day actually modulated appetite for the balance of the day. You’ve heard us many times talk about the importance of protein, getting the right protein, getting the right amount of protein, and timing your protein. Now we know, through this study and others, that more protein at breakfast is more effective than more protein at lunch or dinner, but that doesn’t mean that more protein is not important at all the meals. We’ve talked many times about what the actual ideal protein intake is. For a person, let’s say 150 pounds, you would want between 100 and 150 grams of protein in a day, spaced ideally in three meals. If you’re talking about three meals – and I’m not really talking to the world-class athletes right now, we’ll do another show on that – I’m talking about for the average person who wants to optimize or maintain their current health status, then you would want to have, if you’re very active, one gram of protein for each pound of body weight per day. So, if you’re 150 pounds, that would be 150 grams in a day, and the lowest being 50% of your weight in grams. So let’s say that would be 75 to 150 grams of protein per day. The 75 is for sedentary individuals. If you can move, you had better be moving, because sedentary, there’s really no excuse for that because it will shorten your life and the quality of life. So, let’s say 100 to 150 grams of protein in a day. If you’re looking for 100 grams, that would be 33 grams per meal, on the average. We know that it’s best to time your breakfast meal to have your largest protein intake.

Now we’re back to breakfast. How do we eat a breakfast to accomplish this? An egg has six grams of protein in it. You would have to have 10 eggs for 60 grams, or 5 eggs for 30 grams. That’s one piece. You’ve heard of a steak and egg breakfast? It actually starts to make some sense when you look at it in terms of the protein requirements of the body. Now, obviously, organic grass-fed beef can be a healthy food, but eating steak all the time, or meat every meal, or even too often is really not a healthy thing to do. You’re better off getting yourself a protein powder that you trust, one without all the nasty ingredients and artificial flavors, no sucralose, no extra sugars in it, and that sort of thing. In my book, “The Super Health Diet,” I write Chapter 11 on the protein and amino acid metabolism and so on. If you’re interested, it’s a very important chapter to start to understand.

Protein is really key. So, in order to get a breakfast of protein, it does not include cereals and grains and those sort of things. You can only hold so much in your stomach. Let’s just say that you are a male, 1800 calories a day, or a female 1400 calories a day. You’re trying to follow the calorie restriction studies out there that say that’s ideal. If your calories are lower, once again, your protein requirement is higher. If you’re eating a low calorie diet and you’re sedentary, you still need to increase your protein to as if you were an active person.

So, I guess you get my point. Protein is important. The right kinds of protein are important. Really, at breakfast, the ideal way, in any meal really, you really need to find a protein powder that you can trust. So, find a protein powder or a whole meal super smoothie that actually brings you the levels of protein that you need to acquire, let’s say, 40% of your protein at breakfast. If you have a super smoothie along with a meal, you can have a super smoothie as a meal. You can arrange the protein to be exactly where you need it, or you can have a smaller amount of protein in a super smoothie and have it along with eggs and some other kind of proteins for breakfast. Then you can always surround that with vegetables of any kind. Omelets are another ideal way to go. You can get a lot of eggs in an omelet and so on.

Hopefully, this gets you thinking about your breakfast, because if you truly change your breakfast, you will truly change your life. God bless you, and have a great day.

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