Three Creative Ways To Get Your Greens

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Posted on 2nd April 2012 by admin in Super Health |Super Recipes

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LivingFuel SuperGreens is our original flagship functional superfood and remains our most popular product to this day. Over the past ten years, our customers have found some amazingly creative uses of LivingFuel SuperGreens that supercharge the nutritional power of their meals. These are also great ideas for parents that wish to cleverly sneak nourishing greens into their kid’s favorite meals.

Here’s three of our favorites:

Super Soup

Mix or blend in one scoop of LivingFuel SuperGreens into a serving of your favorite soup such as split pea or tomato bisque. Heat to taste, but do not boil.

Super Guacamole
The glorious avocado is rich in satisfying smart fats, full of vital vitamins and minerals and is creamy and absolutely delicious. And there’s nothing like a bowl of fresh-made guacamole. Here’s Living Fuel’s spin on this classic featuring LivingFuel SuperGreens and Hass avocados:

1 scoop LivingFuel SuperGreens
2 medium organic Hass avocados
1 diced organic tomato
½ chopped organic onion
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
Juice from one organic lemon (or lime)
Celtic Sea salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

Shell the avocado and remove the pit. Mash the avocado and mix in the above ingredients. Try other spices and herbs to taste such as cilantro, cayenne pepper, and garlic to taste.

Super Pasta Sauce

Add ¼ scoop of LivingFuel SuperGreens per serving of your favorite organic tomato pasta sauce.
Do you have your own creative way to use SuperGreens. Email us at or post to our Facebook page and share the love!

Living Fuel SuperGreens
is a whole meal, greens-based functional superfood, comprised of a concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, essential fats, enzymes, co-enzymes, herbs, botanical extracts and soluble plant fibers. Each serving also contains more than 250 grams of whole organic vegetables, including spinach, kale, sprulina, barley grass leaf, broccoli, carrot and beet root.

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