KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: Sugar Smoothies to Super Smoothies

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Posted on 16th April 2012 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Orange Juice, Mango, Bananas, Electrolyte Mix, Turbinado, Honey

These are the ingredients in a “Stay Healthy” smoothie from a nationwide smoothie outlet that you would recognize. While their brightly-lit menu board proudly displays these wholesome, all-natural, healthy ingredients, you must dig further to uncover the astonishing nutritional facts. This “small” size (20 ounce) smoothie packs 465 calories, a stunning 108 grams of sugar, and just 1 gram of protein. This is over 25 teaspoons of sugar, or the sugar in 2 ½ conventional soft drinks. And these nutritional facts are the rule, not the exception for other smoothies marketed to “get energy”, “shape up”, or “trim down”.

Best-selling author and natural health and nutrition expert KC Craichy builds on LivingFuelTV’s popular episode Juicing Do’s and Don’ts. Learn in today’s SuperHealth Podcast how to modify conventional smoothie recipes, transforming them from sugar-laden treats into nutrient-rich super meals.

Audio Transcription

Welcome to LivingFuelTV. This is KC Craichy. So, smoothies are super healthy, right? Not exactly. Super smoothies are super healthy. What is the difference, you ask? If you go to the smoothie shop and you get a smoothie, you will see that they will put juice, fruit juice, and fruit, fill it up completely, blend it up with ice, and give you this delicious tasting, healthy drink. But is it really healthy? Not really, because it really is a concentrated sugar blast. If you were to figure up the calories or go on the website of these smoothie shops and look at the grams of sugar that you’re getting in a smoothie, it will shock you. It will look a lot more like a soft drink company than a smoothie. So, how can you take this U.S. delight and make it something healthy? How you make a smoothie into a super smoothie is quite simple. You take the same exact recipe used by the smoothie shop and you cut it. You cut all the ingredients, the juices and the fruits, you cut it by 75% or 80%, and you make up the difference in water, spring water and even ice is okay. Then, you add to it, superfood smoothie powders or protein fiber blend, one that you can trust. You put it in there, and you actually determine the amount of protein and fiber that you get in this delicious treat. The reality of it is the taste won’t be much different than the smoothie that you’re used to, but the actual health benefits will be something of an extraordinary meal versus a treat. So, instead of going to the candy shop, it’s like going to the health food store and getting a delicious meal that can fuel you for hours. I hope this was helpful to you. God bless you, and have a great day.

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