Fueling Olympic Dreams: Finishing Strong!

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Posted on 21st June 2012 by admin in LivingFuelTV |Super Health

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 A race is an excellent metaphor for life. The apostle Paul, drawing on his knowledge of the Olympic games, writes to his young protégé Timothy, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7 NIV). A successful race, like a successful life, involves a good measure of solid faith, steady effort, patient endurance, practiced discipline, and successfully coping with highs and lows.

Today, we continue our terrific LivingFuelTV series Fueling Olympic Dreams with 2012 Summer Olympic Games triathlete Manny Huerta. Building on Manny’s story from previous episodes, Manny shares the specifics of how he overcame negative self-talk and discovered how to supercharge performance in the most important race of his life.

Join us poolside and click on the graphic below to watch.

Audio Transcription:

KC: Welcome to Living Fuel TV. I’m KC Craichy and special guest, Manny Huerta, the latest member of our U.S. Olympic Team. Congratulations, sir.

Manny: Thank you.

KC: People watching the show, often they are wondering how you fueled your race and how you did all these things. How, specifically, how did you do this before? You used to race for a decade, and then for the last piece of it you’ve been fueling properly. You’ve tuned it to where it really works for you. What is the difference? What is really the difference in the way you feel, the whole deal?

Manny: Well, before this race, I never used the aminos during the race. I started using it on just this race. I put it in my sports drink in both bottles. I actually had it right before, about an hour before. On the other races, halfway through the run, I felt tired. My body was very fatigued. For this race, although sore, I had a second wind, kind of thing. Once I got to the point where I usually start fading and my body starts cramping and giving up on me, it wasn’t any more. I felt like, “Oh, wow. I can run at this pace a lot longer than at what I expected.” Mentally, too, in my brain, the negative thoughts I usually get as an athlete. Your brain starts telling you, “Oh, you’re tired. Stop.” It’s giving you those signals because you’re putting it in a situation where it doesn’t want to be. My brain was actually telling me different, “Keep going, hang on, we’re still in the game.” My body was perfect, was fast, was strong, and it was a great feeling.

KC: That’s terrific. During the race, there are components that we’ve long since known. The sports drinks all have the sugar and the electrolytes and those are very important elements. But plenty of research has shown that when you mix it with protein, then it’s actually more beneficial. It’s even more beneficial when you mix it with pure essential amino acids like the SuperEssentials Aminos, because protein has to be digested and broken down, and from there is released amino acids. It’s like a magic bullet because it doesn’t require to be digested, it basically is absorbed into the system and is used. There’s a multitude of functions in the body that essential amino acids address. It’s really fantastic. The other thing you had going for you is you had the SuperBerry beforehand, for breakfast. When you think about the way that’s designed, people don’t realize that there are five different classes of antioxidants that are trying to take you down at all times. There’s peroxyl radical, hydroxyl radical, perioxite, nitrite, and so on. You have all these various classes of things trying to tear you down. Most people think Vitamin C or Vitamin E as the antioxidants, but they only address one or two of the five. The SuperBerry addresses all five. You’re actually fighting off inflammation and oxidation and so on while you’re doing your activity, and for recovery. As you do the SuperBerry and recovery it’s the same thing. So, like you’ve discovered in elite athletics, it’s the same thing with the everyday person, whether it’s a stay-at-home mom, or the executive, whatever the case may be. If your brain is flowing free and clear, and not negative, because as you sag, it gets kind of negative, you really can accomplish so much more in your life, in your day, that if you have junk food, which a lot of people are used to living on. It’s really cool when you can study an elite athlete like yourself and see that that can make such a difference for you. The difference is sometimes even more dramatic for the person who is stuck in the junk food life and doesn’t realize that they’re not supposed to feel that way.

Manny: If you think about it, if it made those big changes for me, that I require the most, imagine for your regular person what it could do. It could change their life big time. It’s a night and day change, and it’s so important. To eat healthy is being healthy. It’s great that I was able to change the way I think and I was able to change the way I eat now, and to do it with the Living Fuel. Your body doesn’t take any more energy. If you eat junk food, you eat and you’re still hungry because you’re body’s trying to process all this other stuff.

KC: It doesn’t even know what it is.

Manny: Yeah. For me, I needed to have something that my body would require and use just for racing, not to try to break down things, to try to get rid of other stuff. It was fantastic and it gave me the power to make it all the way now, to have the best race.

KC: Terrific. We appreciate you sharing with us.

Manny: Thanks.

KC: We wish you the best, we’ll be praying for your success.

Manny: OK. Thank you, KC.

KC: God bless you. Hope you enjoyed it. God bless you and have a great day.

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