KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcast: The Real Leading Cause of Death

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Posted on 3rd January 2013 by admin in Health Alerts |SuperHealth Podcasts

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Statistics show that heart disease and cancer are the leading causes of death in the United States.  However, did you know that the epidemic of diabetes and its devastating effects on the body may greatly contribute to these conditions?  It really all starts with sugar intake and the veritable explosion of sugar consumption in the United States.  How can you defend yourself and your family?  This is the topic of today’s important podcast episode with KC Craichy.  Today, learn the little-discussed link between sugar, diabetes and the scourge of chronic dis-eases that face our country.  Click on the podcast play button below to listen.

Audio Transcript

Welcome to LivingFuelTV. This is KC Craichy. So the number one cause of death in the United States is what? Well if you read the reports most people would say heart disease, stroke, liver disease, complications from osteoporosis maybe, diabetes. So this is the list you’ll see, but when you examine it further, you’ll see that diabetes actually can lead to all of the previous ones that I’ve mentioned and many other problems. Diabetes is rampant – it’s an epidemic in the United States and the world, and you really have to look at what is going on here and what can we do about it.

You have Type 1 diabetes which means the pancreatic cells are not producing enough insulin to do the insulin functions in the body and the people have to take insulin. So it’s insulin dependent. The second one is Type 2 diabetes, or Adult onset diabetes, which happens in kids too, so now they just call it Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes means that there’s so much insulin around all the time the cells no longer are listening or receiving the insulin. So it’s like when you’re at a restaurant and you’re having a discussion with somebody and it’s loud around you but you’re paying attention to the person that you’re talking to. You shut out all the noise that’s around you and that’s basically what your cells do. Is they are not sensitive to insulin anymore because there’s just too much of it all the time. Then you have metabolic syndrome or otherwise called syndrome X, which leads to so many metabolic problems in the body.

So, what is going on? Because you’ll see, if you look from the major bottling companies, they’ll tell you that drinking soft drinks and all the sweet drinks out there, even sports drinks, that that is not causing diabetes or any other disease. That it’s just an enjoyment in life and it’s really not a big deal. Well let’s rewind 100 years. 100 years ago, the average sugar intake in the United States was about estimated at five pounds per year, per person on the average. Grandma would make an apple pie or they’d take you to the store to buy a piece of candy, and it was literally a delicacy one century ago. Fast forward to today, no longer is it a delicacy. Sugar is a staple in the American diet and around the world, in fact. So, what is the average sugar intake? Remember 100 years ago, it was five pounds per year. Well if you guess 150 pounds plus per year on the average, and someone’s eating my sugar, that is correct. So, to think someone’s eating their weight in sugar per year and not expecting to have disease as a result, you just can’t even believe it.

The point is, we talked about in the previous episode, too much sugar leads to too much body fat, leads to too elevated of cholesterol levels, the wrong cholesterol. It leads to high triglyceride levels and so many other things in the body. So, the 15% of the calories people are getting from drinking sweet drinks and the carbs and the white foods – if it’s white it ain’t right, we say – is causing significant health problems in America today. So we have to get this under control. So how do you deal with the high sugar, how do you lower the sugar in your life? Well you, again, eliminate the sweet drinks for one, avoid things that are white, and don’t add sugar or eat desserts if you can help it.

So, hopefully this is helpful to you. God bless you and have a great day.

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