LivingProtein is Back in Stock!

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Posted on 12th May 2014 by admin in Super Health

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LivingProtein is back in stock!
Thank you for your patience as we carefully blended the latest batch of the revolutionary LivingFuel LivingProtein®!  LivingProtein is much more than a protein supplement, it’s a remarkable functional superfood. One serving contains 21 grams of optimized plant protein that has been enhanced with essential amino acids, 6 grams of fiber, Vitamin C, live prebiotics, probiotics, and digestive enzymes.
Living Protein is..
… from a pure, organic, non GMO, natural plant-based protein source
   … great tasting, convenient and smooth
       … helpful in managing blood sugar levels
           … naturally free of whey, milk, and soy protein
Join Living Fuel founders KC and Monica Craichy in a special video as they explain what Living Protein is; why you should consider adding it to your eating plan; and how to best prepare and enjoy the product.
Click on the graphic below to watch.

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