The Perfect Accessory for the Perfect Meal

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Posted on 16th June 2014 by admin in Product Spotlight |Super Health

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20-Ounce Living Fuel Blender Bottles

20-Ounce Living Fuel Blender Bottles
28-Ounce Blender Bottle

We refer to our LivingFuel whole meal functional superfoods as the ultimate fast food because they mix quickly and well with cold water and create a super-nutritious, protein-rich SuperSmoothie that can replace one or more meals.  A great accessory to quickly mix up your SuperSmoothie is the unique and distinctive Living Fuel Blender Bottle—the BPA-free shaker bottle that lets you conveniently carry LivingFuel to school, to work, to the gym, to the game, or anywhere!  The Living Fuel Blender Bottle is available in the 28-ounce and 20-ounce sizes in a variety of bold lid colors.

Today, Living Fuel Founders KC and Monica Craichy introduce you to the Living Fuel Blender Bottle and answer:  What is it?  Why do I need it?  How do I use it?

What shaker bottle is in your pantry?  Click on the graphic below to watch.


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