LivingFuel SuperHealth: FUEL Fast for Weight Optimization

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Posted on 5th April 2010 by admin in Super Health

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We hear a lot about “fasting” these days for weight loss; everything from water fasts to juice fasts to detox fasts to fat flush fasts. Extraordinary things can happen to our health when we eliminate what we typically eat and drink and exchange them for ideal amounts of foundational nutrients. These include nutrient-dense superfoods, complete plant proteins, non-grain low-glycemic carbohydrates, amino acids, essential fatty acids, pre- and probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, therapeutic herbs and other healthy nutrients. The result is a tremendous reward to yourself! So, which is the right fast for you?

First, make sure your fast includes adequate protein, healthy fats and other vital nutrients. You want to optimize your weight AND improve your health. Losing weight while losing your health is not something people want to do when they go on weight-loss fasts, but it often happens because they don’t pay attention to the nutritional ingredients.

When I created Living Fuel foundational Superfoods, my objective was to provide my family with exceptional nutrition made easy. In the process, I found that I had created a product perfectly suited for short- or long-term juice fasting. The LivingFuel Fast is for anyone who wants to transform their health. It promotes detoxification, regeneration, peak performance, weight optimization, and accelerated release from unhealthy cravings. During your fast, be sure to consume a LivingFuel Smoothie every 4-6 hours along with daily SuperEssentials Omega 3 EDA. That’s an important combination for your health during your fast.

Replace 2 meals a day during your LivingFuel Fast, then eat a smart meal for your 3rd meal of the day. That can include a variety of salads, green vegetables, brightly-colored, above-ground vegetables, organic chicken and turkey, certified mercury-free fish and other healthy foods. You can find a list of Smart Food Choices on our website at

Here are some “fast tips” for proper fasting:

• Replace breakfast or another meal daily with LivingFuel SuperGreens, SuperBerry Original or SuperBerry Ultimate. Once you’re confident that your LivingFuel meal will provide hours of sustained energy levels without hunger or cravings, then you’re ready to replace another meal. Some people prefer to FuelFast two meals a day; others replace all their meals with LivingFuel.

• To extend energy and the time between meals, add fresh vegetables, fruit or juices, organic coconut milk/oil, CocoChia Snack Mix or LivingProtein to your LivingFuel Smoothie.

• Try a great-tasting CocoChia bar within 30 minutes of your LivingFuel smoothie.

• Drink plenty of water, herbal teas and SuperCoffee. Avoid eating or using caffeine between meals or within three hours of bedtime.

During your LivingFuel Fast, you should not feel hungry and you should be able to carry on a regular routine – including exercise and athletic activities – with a high level of energy. Continue the Fast for as many days as you feel comfortable. Be sure to talk with your healthcare practitioner for longer fasts.

We produced some special videos about the LivingFuel Fast to help you get started. You can see them online at

The protein source in LivingFuel SuperGreens, SuperBerry Original and SuperBerry Ultimate is LivingProtein. It’s derived from clean plant sources and contains 21 grams of non-GMO brown rice and yellow pea proteins and 6 grams of fiber per serving. We’ve also included healthy probiotics, digestive enzymes and 10 essential amino acids your body needs. LivingProtein is a high source of antioxidants (18,900 Total ORAC value).

Brown rice and yellow pea proteins are getting a lot of attention from doctors, nutritionists and the media because of how well they work with the human body. In fact, First for Women Magazine (April 12th edition) recommends LivingProtein as a great-tasting plant-based protein source for fruit smoothies. The magazine staff also loved the fact that LivingProtein has probiotics for gut health and immunity.

You can learn more about healthy fasting at our LivingFuel website –

Here’s to “your” SuperHealth!

KC Craichy

Founder & CEO
Living Fuel, Inc.

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