LivingFuel SuperHealth: SuperFit Without the Gym – The Tiger Moves 2

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Posted on 3rd June 2010 by admin in Super Health

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We continue today the popular LivingFuelTV Series, SuperFit Without the Gym, with 57-year-old natural fitness expert John Peterson. In today’s episode, John demonstrates the powerfully effective 7 Tiger Moves that are outlined in my bestselling book Super Health: 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality. Here’s an excerpt from the chapter entitled Golden Key #3: Exercise:

“For years I have been looking for an exercise program I could do and recommend for anyone that would require minimum time and effort and yield maximum results, and I’ve finally discovered it. Despite all the astounding benefits of exercise, I know the reasons most people hold back. Most of us procrastinate and fear the consequences of what it takes to get in shape, and the truth is that most exercise systems are too hard and intimidating for people. We also tend to convince ourselves that it will take too much time out of our already over committed days and evenings. And for many of us, the cost of a club membership or expensive exercise equipment is simply too much.

That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce a system that is the perfect answer to these common issues. It is a system that utilizes time-tested body-sculpting Isoflextion™ techniques, along with high tension isometrics that literally allow you to become your own gym. It is so natural, so simple, and so powerful that it actually heals the body as it energizes it. You can use it to achieve the level of fitness and vitality you’ve always wanted to have, without joining a gym or buying any equipment or wasting a minute of your day. It covers every muscle group from your neck to your toes, and you can do these exercises anytime and virtually anywhere. And best of all, you won’t do anything that compromises your body, causing pain or injury or creating overuse symptoms.”

Learn the 7 Tiger Moves! Click here to watch.

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