KC Craichy’s SuperHealth Podcasts: Kids and Fish Oil

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Posted on 9th September 2011 by admin in Super Health |SuperHealth Podcasts

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KC and Monica Craichy demonstrate how to help children take fish oil. They are joined by Joshua and Grace Craichy.

Audio Transcription:

KC: Hello. I’m KC Craichy, Founder and CEO of Living Fuel and this is my wife, Monica, and our three year old son, Joshua. Say hello, Joshua.

Joshua: Hi.

KC: Joshua is going to demonstrate how anyone can take fish oil. A lot of people tell us, “Hey, I can’t take gel caps or I can’t swallow them or my kids can’t swallow them.” Joshua wants to show you how you take a fish oil. Josh, show them how you do it.

Monica: Just take it out of the jar. Put one in your hand. How many do you take everyday?

Joshua: Only two.

Monica: Two? All right. And what do you do with it? Just pop it in there?

Joshua: Yeah.

Monica: Let me hear it pop. I heard it.

KC: Joshua chews it like chewing gum, and the fish oil should taste like fish or it’s over-processed, the fish that it came from. It’ll have a mild fish taste for 30 seconds or a minute and you move on. But you get the wonderful benefits of having the fish oil whether you swallow the gel cap or you don’t. Sometimes, he’ll chew it like chewing gum. Sometimes, he’ll spit it out, but he’s getting his fish oil. Say bye, Joshy.

Joshua: Bye. [pause]

Grace: I take three.

Monica: Three?

Grace: I mean, four.

Monica: Four?

KC: OK. When she was a baby, we would poke a hole in it and squeeze it in her mouth, and then for a number of years she would chew them like Joshua did, and now how do you do it, Grace?

Grace: I drink it.

Monica: Go for it. Show us how. A lot of people say that they can’t get their kids to take fish oils or capsules, but these are actually gel caps which go down actually very easy. How was that, Grace?

Grace: Good. Took them all at once.

KC: All at once.

Monica: Good job.

KC: There you have it. A seven year old taking her fish oil. God bless you and have a great day.